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Review: Too bad the ‘To All the Boys’ sequel isn’t as hot as Noah Centineo and…

by Ace Damon
Review: Too bad the 'To All the Boys' sequel isn't as hot as Noah Centineo and...

Gable and Colbert. Hepburn and Tracy. Ringwald and McCarthy. Condor and Centineo?

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, the young stars of the “To All the Boys” rom-com franchise, can reach the pantheon of great couplings on screen, thanks to the palpable warmth between them, a passion that fuels these popular teen romance films, based on Jenny Han's series of youth novels.

The first film, "For all the boys I've loved before," was a pop cultural phenomenon, part of the recent revival of rom-com, aided in large part by the streaming giant Netflix. The audience fell in love with Lara Jean Covey (Condor), hopelessly romantic and crazy about boys, and with one of her passions, the puppy Peter Kavinsky (Centineo), involved in the retro fantasy of the athlete who falls in love with the (and beautiful) scholar ) shy girl at school.

But every great romantic comedy is about keeping lovebirds apart before letting them get together, so in the sequence, “To All the Boys: P.S. I still love you”, some variables are put into the mix. That is, one of those other boys, from "all the boys I've loved before". Do you remember the love letters that Lara Jean's sister sent without your knowledge? She receives an answer, from John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher), who turns Lara Jean's head around, as she tries to discover all this “how to be a girlfriend” thing, all the insecurity and indecision that arise in jealousy. thereby.

Director of photography Michael Fimognari ("Fast Color") makes his directorial debut in the sequel, replacing Susan Johnson. Written by Sofia Alvarez and J. Mills Goodloe, the film is not exactly an exciting ride – its languid rhythms lead the viewer to submit to the soft charms of this absolutely pleasant and jewel-toned world, with its tremors of the fantastic, in the musical sequences, elaborate cooking scenes or breaks made in front of huge aquarium tanks with wavy jellyfish.

“For all the boys: P.S. The covers of classic '80s music on the soundtrack signal the film's Hughesian DNA.

The continuation offers more of the same rom-com rhythms (although this is very bad in the communication department): misunderstandings and big gestures; the lessons about risking everything to have everything, and the rude awakening that, yes, love hurts. But the most important thing that Lara Jean learns this time is that it's not just about the boys. She has a few words to share with the girls in her life, too.

The real attraction of the "To All The Boys" cinematic universe is the connection between Condor and Centineo, who has intoxicating chemistry, keeping things interesting like "P.S. I still love you" comes to its inevitable conclusion. They bring charm, but I wish there was a more exciting film to support it.

‘For all the boys I’ve ever loved: P.S. I still love you & # 39;

Evaluation: TV-14 (may be unsuitable for children under 14)

Runtime: 1 hour 21 minutes

Playing: Available on Netflix


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