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Review: Abby Quinn sparks teen comedy ‘Good Girls Get High’

by Ace Damon
Review: Abby Quinn sparks teen comedy 'Good Girls Get High'

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Laura Terruso's "Good Girls Get High" premiered on the festival circuit in the fall of 2018, but it's a shame it didn't hit theaters until late 2019, because unfortunately "Booksmart" caught it. Written by Terruso and Jennifer Nashorn Blankenship, based on a book by Sarah Miller, one cannot help but notice the similarities in the two films, which involve two good two-shoe supermen flirting with debauchery at the end of high school. . The "good girls" in question are Sam (Abby Quinn) and Danielle (Stefanie Scott), who found that they won a dreaded "good girl" superlative in the yearbook. Then they light a joint, throw a party and hell opens up. It's a standard "Superbad" question, but with a feminine nerdy twist.

This light comedy follows a familiar teen party genre formula, with friendly teachers (Danny Pudi), eccentric cops (Lauren Lapkus), and absent parents (Matt Besser) or helicopter (Anne Ramsey). At the heart of the conflict is Sam's secret that she entered and turned down Harvard, a video for the university that serves as a framing device.

While the rest of the movie looks a bit youthful, Quinn, who starred in "Fixed Line," keeps "Good Girls Get High" afloat, with her wide-eyed pathos combination and humor that swings from impassive to goofy. You buy the story because you buy Sam's situation, his strange mistakes and glorious triumphs, and Quinn makes that story take off.

"Good girls get high"

Not rated

Runtime: 1 hour, 17 minutes

Playing: Begins Nov. 8 at the Laemmle Monica Film Center, Santa Monica; Laemmle City Center, Encino

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