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Report: White House Officials Reported Trump’s Ukraine Dealings Even Before He…

by Ace Damon
Report: White House Officials Reported Trump's Ukraine Dealings Even Before He...

For however "PerfectAs he believed it to be, President Donald Trump's now infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky raised concerns among government officials as soon as Trump hung up the phone. Like the Washington Post reported Thursday, however, was not the first time aides raised objections about how the president was dealing with Ukraine. According to the Post, at least four national security officials were so "alarmed" by Trump's apparent attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate its political rivals that they "raised concerns" with National Security Council legal adviser John Eisenberg before and immediately. after July 25, Trump phone call. Employees "were not a swamp, not a deep state," a former senior official told the Post, but were simply White House officials "who worried about that because that's not how they want the government to work."

Concerns about Trump's Ukrainian negotiations before and after the call were widespread, even among Trump's top aides, according to the Post, including former National Security Adviser John Bolton and then Deputy National Security Adviser Charles Kupperman. Alarms began to fire following the abrupt deposition of former ambassador to Ukraine Masha Yovanovitch, and the Post notes that NSC officials “were alternately confused and alarmed” at the behavior of Rudy Giuliani, who pushed for Yovanovitch's removal and publicly stated your plan. press Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden. (In addition to Biden's conspiracy, Trump also "became increasingly focused" on the unfounded right-wing conspiracy theories about Ukraine's alleged role in the 2016 elections.) Concern among NSC officials increased further after the ambassador Gordon Sondland – who got his job after donating $ 1 million to Trump – declared that Trump had charged him with relations with Kiev. During a meeting with Bolton, the US. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and Zelensky, advisers on corruption in Ukraine's energy sector, Sondland "blurted out that there have also been & # 39; investigations that have been dropped and that need to be restarted & # 39;" reports the Post . "Bolton went ballistic" after the meeting, an official told the Post, and senior NSC officials "huddled together" about his concerns about Ukraine in the following days. Senior officials have also been involved in the role of US Ambassador Bill Taylor, whose subsequent explosive text messages with Sondland and Volker have been publicly released ever since.

As concerned as the authorities were about Trump's behavior in Ukraine, their concerns "increased" when Trump spoke to Zelensky. In line with the previous reports, including the whistleblower report, the Post notes that Bolton and other senior officials were being contacted "within minutes" of the call terminated by their subordinates, expressing concern, and an approximate transcript of the conversation was transferred to a highly computer network. safe, for material rated "within hours". "When people heard it in real time, there were significant concerns about what was going on – the alarms rang," a source told the Post. “People were trying to figure out what to do, how to understand the situation.” White House officials were looking for ways to officially denounce the conversation, notes the Post, which was challenged by “the lack of a White House equivalent to the general positions of inspectors found. in other agencies. So they went to Eisenberg, who supposedly promised "follow up." It is not clear whether Eisenberg actually took any action – and his lack of clear response, the Post speculates, could have contributed to White House officials' decisions to share their concerns with the whistleblower, a CIA official who was first contacted. by a White House employee hours after the call from Trump and Zelensky. (It is not clear whether any of the employees who spoke to Eisenberg are the same as those who spoke to the complainant.)

Reports of how sharp the alarm about Trump's behavior in the White House ranks was not good for the president, as he continued to underestimate the allegations and insist that he was right – and compelling reports about his and Giuliani's plans in Ukraine continue to grow. In addition to the consequences of Trump's phone call, new reports this week has concerns raised on how the government dealt with the freezing and resumption of aid to Ukraine – which might suggest a quid pro quo – with the Washington Post communicating On Thursday, political appointees stepped in to freeze aid over career officials' objections that they feared the move would be "improper." The Associated Press, meanwhile, reported Thursday that Yovanovitch was fired after retreating against Giuliani's dishonest operation in Ukraine, marking still other Bad story for the lawyer after his clients were arrested on Thursday.

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