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Realme CEO gets caught tweeting an iPhone and sparks controversy!

by Ace Damon
Realme CEO gets caught tweeting an iPhone and sparks controversy!

This is no longer the first time that a competing Apple maker has sent a Tweet with an iPhone, but it is the first time that it has happened to Realme. A company that is growing like never before in India, the second largest market in the world, and is starting to attack Europe.

Samsung, Google and Huawei are companies that have already made these gaffes, however, most of them use an agency to handle their social networks. That is, although it was not the correct one, it was understandable.

Realme executive is caught using an iPhone

This case is different. It was the personal account of Madhav Sheth, Realme's CEO and CEO. The tweet was deleted in no time, but if there is one thing the internet does well is to immortalize these kinds of moments.

A screenshot proves that the company's CEO was actually using another smartphone with his personal Twitter account.

It's basically the same as saying that Apple CEO Tom Cook has just sent a Tweet of his Samsung Galaxy Note 10. That is, as much as there are preferences, the brand doesn't use their equipment very well. Mainly responsible for the manufacturer.

Realme has everything to grow in the market

Realme X2 Pro

Regardless of the choice of its CEO, Realme has everything to be a success in Europe and worldwide. The latest Realme X2 Pro is now on sale at the Realme official store (which ships to Portugal) and has everything you need in a top of the range range. This without the price being absurd.

The terminal is basically a OnePlus (OnePlus and Realme both belong to OPPO) but at a more enjoyable price. We have a super fluid AMOLED display and a processor that we only see in the latest high end. To this we combine good aesthetics, good cameras and excellent build quality.

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