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Razer Thresher Ultimate Gaming Headset PC & PS4

by Ace Damon
Razer Thresher Ultimate Gaming Headset PC & PS4

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Razer Thresher Ultimate Gaming Headset PC & PS4

Product Features

  • Lag-Free Wireless - Allows immediate response to in-game cues to dominate the competition
  • Noise-Isolating Leatheretter Ear Cushions - Stay comfortable during even the longest, most intense gaming sessions
  • Quick Control Buttons - Mute Mic/Speaker and Volume controls allow adjustments on the fly
  • 50 mm Drivers - For well-controlled bass and powerful, lifelike audio
  • 16-hour Battery Life - Long-lasting power on a single charge. The Razer Thresher Ultimate PS4 headset is engineered to ensure a lag-free long-distance connection of up to 40 feet / 12 meters. Dimensions of headset- 7.7(W) x 8.4 (H) x 4.1 (D) inches
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Razer Thresher Ultimate Gaming Headset PC & PS4

Product Description

Introducing the ultimate wireless gaming headset with Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone technology—the Razer Thresher Ultimate PS4 headset. On top of delivering lag-free audio immersion, this premium headset also focuses on undisputable comfort.

Lined with leatherette, the lightweight memory foam ear cushions rest perfectly against your head, giving you a natural feel that is second to none.

The in-built quick control buttons and a retractable digital microphone provide you with instant access to game and voice balance, as well as volume—even in the heat of battle.


Featuring Dolby Headphone, the Razer Thresher Ultimate PS4 headset provides industry-leading audio realism.

Whether you need to detect where the enemies are coming from or hear your aerial backup flying past overhead, you can expect to listen to every single detail in utmost clarity for a truly immersive gaming experience that will put you ahead of your opponents.

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Comfortable with eyewear – With foam indentations for temple relief
On-Headset Controls – Quickly adjust mic & master volume
Noise-isolating Leatherette Ear Cushions – Stay focused entirely on your game
7.1 Dolby Surround Sound – For best-in-class positional audio
Retractable Boom Mic – Stows altogether in the ear cup
50 mm Driver – For powerful, lifelike audio
Up to 16 hrs battery life – On a single charge

Razer thresher ultimate – PlayStation 4 (PS4) wireless gaming headset – 7.1 surround sound with Retractable Microphone

  • For PS4: Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Lag-Free Wireless Connection
  • Retractable Digital Microphone
  • Base Station Wireless Receiver


Considering my ambivalence about Razer’s other headsets, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Thresher is one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever used. The flexible headband ensures that you’ll get a perfect fit, while the ear cups make a firm seal around the ears without ever feeling uncomfortable. Even when I was wearing glasses, there was little sense of pressure, and once the headset was on, it didn’t need any adjusting.

Gaming Performance

I tested the Thresher with a variety of PC and PS4 games and was impressed with its performance across the board. (The PS4 and Xbox One versions are not 100 percent cross-compatible; you can get stereo sound on either system, but you can get only surround sound on PC and whichever console your headset favors.) Turning on surround sound was a massive boon in Mass Effect Andromeda, where I could hear my enemies coming from around corners or above me. The boom of rockets and the crackle of gunfire sounded explosive and percussive, drawing me further into the experience.

Music Performance

When it comes to music, the Thresher sounds almost as good as a dedicated pair of audio headphones. I used it for about a day, listening to a selection of music I’d usually hear while working. I listened to the subtle and rhythmic supporting banjo on Flogging Molly’s new “Life Is Good” album, as well as a remarkable balance among all four voice parts in Handel’s “Messiah.” The Rolling Stones came through with lifelike percussion, guitar, and vocals.


Razer Thresher Ultimate Gaming Headset PC & PS4

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