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Procon-SP fine Take off R $ 1.2 million for abusive pricing

by Ace Damon
Procon-SP fine Take off R $ 1.2 million for abusive pricing

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Decolar was fined almost R $ 1.2 million this week by Procon-SP. The agency, which is linked to the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship, concluded that the company disrespected consumer rights by charging different prices for the same hosting service based on the geographic location of its customers.

This means, for example, that when searching for a hotel on the platform, a user in São Paulo could find a certain price while a customer in Rio de Janeiro would be faced with another value for the same accommodation.

Procon-SP explains that this type of differentiation "constitutes discrimination due to the profile of the consumer", a practice that violates Article 39 of the Consumer Protection Code (CDC).

For the agency, this was not the only violation. Procon-SP also understands that Decolar violated article 51 of the CDC by, in contract, positioning itself only as a purchasing intermediary, exempting itself from the responsibility for the provision of the purchased services, as well as for the quality of these.

"When the consumer hires Decolar's services, he does so because of the confidence he places in the brand, in the certainty that he will enjoy the services and that they will be executed according to the offer made by the company. The attitude of avoiding responsibility is incorrect and it hurts the law ", explains Guilherme Farid, Procon-SP chief of staff.

The exact amount of the fine that the agency imposed on Decolar due to these violations is R $ 1,193,682.66. In a statement, the company stated that "it does not and has never carried out abusive practices for its consumers". The company also said it would appeal the decision.

This is not the first fine that Decolar receives for price differentiation. In July 2018, the company was fined by the Department of Consumer Protection and Defense (DPDC) R $ 7.5 million for a similar reason.

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