Prevent Yourself From Getting Burnt Out

Prevent Yourself From Getting Burnt Out

Have you ever got to that point where you’re frustrated, burnt out, you’ve hit the wall and you can’t really do anything else today, We’ve all been there and this is a sign that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard and forcing yourself to be productive, to complete tasks that aren’t really very fun at all. Here’s the fact, if you do things that are fun you’ll enjoy them. If you do things that aren’t fun it will eventually catch up to you and you’ll resent it. So to keep yourself from burning out complete four daily tasks, see your computer as a hot seat, and finish what you can. Don’t chip away at it, finish what you can start.

You need to finish four tasks every single day. For me that means I’m completing three tasks that each take me 45 minutes and one tasks that takes me about 15 minutes. This seems to be the sweet spot. The problem with only completing one task per day is that you’ll procrastinate and you’ll draw it out. Let’s say that one task per day was writing one article and you had eight hours to write one article. You’ll find that you’ll delay for hours and hours, you’ll spend two hours researching, one hour thinking of a title, one hour getting yourself motivated and finally spend the last hour or ten minutes writing the one article.

One task per day doesn’t work. Likewise 20 tasks per day will work for one day only. This means that you’ll get 20 things done in a very productive day but the day after you’ll be so tired and worn out that you won’t get anything done for the rest of the week. So the sweet spot is four daily tasks. These are the four most important things that you need to do right now, that will make you the most money and that you’ll enjoy doing. If you didn’t get all four tasks completed then they probably weren’t that important.

Now that you have four things to complete today you need to make sure that they all get done. What helps for me, to prevent time wasting, is to sit down at the computer just for the purpose of completing one single task. When that task is done I’m off the computer so the computer is less of a hang out spot, less of a place where I live and more of a hot seat. I live in reality, I sit at my computer, I get my one task done and then I go back to reality where everything is fun.

Above all, I think the most important thing is to finish everything that you start. That is why we limit ourselves to just four daily tasks and not 20 tasks because if we have 20 tasks to complete it’d be very simple to open up one webpage, write half of one article, think of a couple of possible [unclear 03.04] for this other project. But instead if we have four daily tasks then hopefully they’re things like write ten articles, publish ten articles, post ten articles to my blog and post those blog links on social media. Now those would be four tasks for one day but they’re all tangible, deliverable items that you’d actually finish, that you saw results from and hopefully even make you money.

To prevent burnout, complete four daily tasks, treat your computer as a hot seat and finish everything you start.