Home News Possible 'killer' Asian wasp nest is now found in the Kingdom …


Possible 'killer' Asian wasp nest is now found in the Kingdom …

by Ace Damon
Possible 'killer' Asian wasp nest is now found in the Kingdom ...


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The British Beekeepers' Association has been alerted to a possible Asian wasp nest in the village of Rogiet, in South Wales, although it has not yet been confirmed by Organs competent bodies.

"A small wasp nest in a warehouse in Monmouthshire was destroyed, but Defra [Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] did not confirm that it was an Asian wasp nest. Beekeepers in the region are eyeing Asian wasps," he confirmed. the association.

"All beekeepers must watch for wasps and keep looking for nests in sheds and trees during their walks outdoors", they added.

Asian wasps are not native to the UK, but have been seen in several places, including the counties of Staffordshire, Hampshire and Kent.

The insects are slightly smaller than the native European wasp and, although they are generally not dangerous to humans, they pose a risk to pollinating bees.

                    REUTERS / Washington State Department of Agriculture / Handout

Asian wasp captured in Washington, USA, April 23, 2020

There are currently no known populations of Asian wasps in the UK, but that could change as the summer approaches.

"People should be aware of the arrival of this non-native invasive species throughout the year, but mainly during spring, summer and autumn, when most insects are active", said ecologist Helen Roy to The Mirror.


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