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Positivo to supply 180,000 electronic ballot boxes for 2022 elections

by Ace Damon

The TSE (Superior Electoral Tribunal) bid for new electronic ballot boxes for the 2022 elections was won by Positivo, which will manufacture the devices for the first time. According to Exam, which published the information, the company won the lawsuit by presenting an offer of almost R $ 800 million for the manufacture of 180 thousand urns for the next presidential election.

Positivo’s offer for the production of the ballot boxes was exactly R $ 799,997,366.01 and easily exceeded the amount sent by its competitor. In addition to the Brazilian one, the bidding process was attended by Smartmatic, an English company that sent a bid of more than R $ 1.7 billion (R $ 1,726,326,546.33) to produce the same 180 thousand pieces of equipment.

The offers of the two companies were revealed in February, but the process provided for the evaluation of the proposals by the TSE and a deadline for submitting appeals that ended on Tuesday (30). Thus, the Brazilian company should be announced in the coming days as the winner of the bid.

TSE evaluated the second Positivo and Smartmatic proposals, presented in January this year. According to the court, the companies had sent their original offers in September, but “they were subsequently disqualified for not meeting the technical specifications set out in the bidding notice”. Brazilian law allows companies to correct errors and submit new proposals if the process does not have a classified proposal.

The bid that had Positivo as the winner serves for the TSE to purchase EU 2020 model electronic ballot boxes. They will be used to replace the 2006 and 2008 versions, which add up to 83 thousand pieces of equipment. The 180,000 new ballot boxes will join the technology park with 470,000 electronic ballot boxes produced after 2008.


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