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Political differences are stronger than passion

by Ace Damon
Political differences are stronger than passion

Different positions have proved to be an eliminatory criterion in choosing partners when they have not seen a poison between couples.

Political differences are stronger than passion

Choosing someone to engage a relationship is no longer easy. When political positions come into play, the decision can turn into a battlefield. There are many differences to be reconciled in a relationship, one likes the beach, the other like the countryside, beer or wine, action movies or romantic comedies, churras or japa, but it seems that there are some issues that are definitely decisive for the continuation of flirting. . "Who voted" is surely one of them.

On the afternoon of Wednesday (25), the term PTinder went to the most talked about subjects of social networks in Brazil. All because lawyer Maria Goretti Nagime, according to Folha columnist Monica Bergamo, created a page to promote dating between leftist people. The project will start on Instagram and will go to an app.

At first, the idea of ​​"captive breeding", of closing in on a single bubble to only meet like-minded people, can lead to a drastic reduction of options. But so many quarrels and separations are caused by disagreements in this field that it may be best to avoid fatigue. There are, in fact, principles and ideas that not even the hottest six pack holds. Love, it seems, does not resist certain political passions.

As in a stadium, we live in times when the fan division is no longer just enough to prevent the breaker. The only way is single cheerleading.

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