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Plot to Hide Trump’s Tax Returns Hits the Skids

by Ace Damon

Donald Trump is currently in the middle of a 16 days, collapse of five alarms due to an impeachment investigation into its attempt to pressure Ukraine to discredit its political rival, a situation that it did not help by urging further corruption on the southern lawn of the White House yesterday. So it doesn't seem like he has the time or bandwidth to work on an overtime breakdown over a totally separate investigation, this in his illusory tax returns. Knowing him, however, he will surely stand out on the occasion!

The New York Times reports that the Treasury Department's inspector general launched an investigation into how the agency dealt with a solicitation of the House's Manners and Means Committee for six years of Trump's tax returns and the statements of some of his business. A month later, Trump's treasury secretary and chief rascal Steve Mnuchin sent a letter to the committee chairman, Richard Neal, informing the representative that he would not submit the requested information, saying that he had consulted the Justice Department – you you know, the one headed by William Barr – and he said it would be illegal for the government to release the president's tax returns, and that could violate his privacy (despite the fact that virtually presidents since Nixon released his returns). Mnuchin went on to say that he had determined that the committee's request "lacked a legitimate legislative purpose" and therefore "was not authorized to disclose the requested returns and information."

At the time, legal experts agreed that, despite Mnuchin's long history of aloof loyalty, it would be unprecedented for anyone in his position to make the president's offer so openly, since a 1924 law categorically states, “At the written request of the Chair of the House and House Committee of the Paths and Means, the Chairperson of the Senate Finance Committee, or the Chairperson of the Joint Taxation Committee, the Secretary shall provide such committee with any return or return information. specified in such request. And given the way the president apparently routinely requests subordinates to violate the law for him, some people think the Treasury (and the IRS ruling) refuses to hand over Trump's financial information. information deserves a deeper look.

In a statement to the Times, Rich Delmar, Acting Treasury Inspector General, said Neal had asked the office "to investigate the process by which the department received, evaluated, and responded to the committee's request for federal tax information. We are conducting this inquiry." ”The investigation follows shortly after the news that a separate whistleblower complaint filed in July detailed concerns of a career IRS official who claimed that political nominees at the Treasury may have “tried to influence the mandatory audit of President Trump's tax returns… by improperly engaging in the audit and putting some kind of pressure on senior officials. government officials. A Treasury spokesman did not respond to the Times's request for comment.

In related news, on Wednesday, the Justice Department joined the fight against a state subpoena from New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. seeking eight years of his long-time accounting firm's Trump tax returns, as part of an investigation into allegations that the Trump Organization has forged commercial records related to Stormy Daniels' hidden money payments. In this case, Trump's lawyers argued that it is illegal to investigate an incumbent president for any crimes he may have committed.

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