People Skills and Joint Ventures

People Skills and Joint Ventures

You need some people skills when it comes to internet marketing. When you are marketing on the internet, that mean setting up websites and somehow making money with those website over the internet, it can be a very isolated and lonely process. Many people get into internet marketing because they don’t want to deal with people. I’m here to tell you that if you can be somewhat personable, at least take ten or twenty minutes out of your day to personally connect with customers, joint venture prospects and more, then those joint ventures, seminars and webinars will make you a lot more money.

Joint ventures are how most people make their money on the internet. A joint venture might mean that someone has an information product and they personally contact people to promote that product. Just doing this shortcuts years of list building, traffic building and so on because you find someone who already has resources. Someone who already has a list to recommend your product to them.

I have made several joint ventures just by sending a quick personal e-mail or calling someone on the phone. It seems scary but a two or five minute phone call could give you the boost you’ve always needed to make more money this month. Another really great way to make these connections is by going to physical seminars or conferences. What happens is a marketer hosts an event, usually a weekend or a two or three day event, everyone travels to this event and watches the speakers present. For the most part people travel to events to make new connections and meet new people, to find out what is going on.

You can go to these events with some business cards, but go with just the intention of making friends and providing value. Go to a seminar, see who’s there and find out who you can run an interview with, who you can run a webinar with, who’s product you can buy and then review, that is a great connection you can make. My favorite way of connecting and using people skills is using group webinars.

A webinar means that someone can join your live call, see your screen and hear your voice live, but they cannot talk back, they can only listen to you, type in questions in the question box, vote in polls and so on. This is great because you can speak one time and connect with hundreds of your subscribers at the same time. They can talk back to you as they type and you can take questions, interview people, but webinars are a great way not just to make products and pitch those products, but figure out what your customers, what your subscriber list really wants and needs from you.

I know that as an internet marketer you might want to do everything yourself but you will really shortcut a lot of time by making new joint ventures, attending physical seminars and going to, and creating your own, live webinars.