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Pakistan says it will not be part of 'no war in the region'

by Ace Damon
Pakistan says it will not be part of 'no war in the region'


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Pakistan's foreign minister said on Thursday he planned to inform the United States that it had close relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia and would not participate in any conflict.

Shah Mahmood Quresh made the comment at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"I was instructed by the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) to convey Pakistan's message in the three capitals – Tehran, Riyadh and Washington – Pakistan will be just a partner for peace, it will not be part of any war in the region," said Qureshi. "Pakistan maintains close ties with Saudi Arabia and Iran."

Tensions in the Middle East increased significantly after the United States killed Iran's top commander, Qassem Soleimani, in early January. Iran retaliated by firing ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq that host American troops.

The United States said the attack caused minimal damage and killed no one. In response, Washington sanctioned 17 Iranian metal producers and mining companies, in addition to eight senior officials.

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