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Opponent arrives in La Paz to ask Morales to resign on protest day …

by Ace Damon
Opponent arrives in La Paz to ask Morales to resign on protest day ...

Bolivian civic leader Luis Fernando Camacho traveled to the capital La Paz on Wednesday to deliver a letter of resignation to President Evo Morales. This is Camacho's second attempt, which on Tuesday was prevented from leaving El Paz International Airport in La Paz by a group of Morales supporters. The plane that brought Camacho de Santa Cruz landed at El Alto airport around 7 pm (8 pm in Brasilia).

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During the day, Evo Morales supporters and opponents gathered around the airport and dozens of police officers tried to prevent clashes between the groups. The Government Ministry had earlier informed that it would ensure security during the arrival of the civic leader.

Camacho is chairman of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, one of the organizers of protests against the results of the presidential election that declared Morales victorious in the first round on suspicion of fraud. He plans to go tomorrow to Casa Grande del Pueblo, the presidential residence in La Paz, according to the Los Tiempos newspaper. There, he wants to give Morales a letter of resignation drawn up by opponents to be signed by the president. His plan is to reach the presidential residence with a march accompanied by social movements, and he said he will not leave until Morales resigns, El Deber newspaper reported.

Carlos Mesa, the candidate defeated by Evo in the first round of the election, was at the airport for Camacho's arrival and accused police of preventing him from approaching the opposing leader at the airport. "The police blocked me and prevented me from approaching Camacho upon his arrival at the airport. I report this violation of my citizen rights," Mesa said on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Morales questioned the demands of opponents and made sure that civic committees that report fraud in the presidential election "have no proof" and attempt a coup. "They ask Evo to resign. What resignation? Here the constitution and the vote of the citizens are fulfilled," said the Bolivian president.

There were clashes between protesters in La Paz on Tuesday night, at least eight people were injured.

Violent protests in Cochabamba

Cochabamba, a city in central Bolivia, had another day of violent protests on Wednesday. According to Los Tiempos newspaper, 60 people were injured in clashes during the demonstrations, including a 20-year-old, Limbert Guzmán Vásquez, who was taken to a brain-dead hospital. The press later reported that Vázquez passed away. The young man was the third person to die since the conflicts began in Bolivia.

In Vinto, a town in Cochabamba department, an unidentified group stormed the city hall and forcibly took Mayor Patricia Arce, according to Bolivian press. "I was with the mayor and some women with a covered face caught her with sticks," a city official told El Deber newspaper.

Photos of Patricia Arce with her hair cut and her body covered in red paint were shared. Finally, police rescued the mayor.

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