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NVIDIA RTX 2080 Vs GTX 1080 – Worthy Upgrade?

by Ace Damon
NVIDIA RTX 2080 Vs GTX 1080 - Worthy Upgrade

It only took about almost two and a half years before we finally saw a new video card release from Nvidia – RTX is here and the results have been kind of mixed.

The RTX cards have now been released, as far as the high end goes we’re still waiting for the RTX 2070 cards to hit the market, hopefully, they’ll be priced a little better and have good performance.

I know that many people out there right now owning a GTX 1080 card probably the biggest question in most of those people’s mind is – is it worth my time and money to upgrade to an RTX 2080 card?

We decided to make a battle completely just dedicated to that, using the very latest v.411 drivers.

Today is just a straight up head to head battle between the founder’s edition cards: the GTX 1080 versus the RTX 2080.

Our test system includes a pretty I7 8700 K, we just leave it at stock speeds, and 16 gigabytes of RAM, using Windows 10 with all the latest patches installed.

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Vs GTX 1080 - Worthy Upgrade

The best you’re getting 30 frames per second better gaming performance with the RTX 2080 on some games now that’s a lot of performance gain but, on other games not so much.

The only thing is the price difference between the two. You could probably spend about 280 dollars to $300 in the differences between a 1080 founders Edition and a 2080 founders Edition.

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Performance is not only the real difference, but you’re also probably going to notice, obviously, the new card is going to have RTX and DLSS features.

Nvidia says there are all kinds of patches that are going to be coming out to support new stuff on the card so pretty much even though the RTX 2080 already came out, the drivers are still kind of immature and some of the technology in the card isn’t fully being utilized as of yet.

If you want to be completely future-proof maybe spending that extra money is worth it for you, but if you’re totally satisfied with your GTX 1080 and it’s not giving you any problems, I would suggest not upgrading at all.

There’s an old saying and it’s always true- if it’s not broke don’t fix it


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Gianfranco October 3, 2018 - 12:46 pm

What’s the point of comparing a 2080 with a 1080? Obviously the newer one is going to be better, the question should be how much better it is compared to the 1080ti. (And yes, we should expect the next non-ti gpu to be stronger than the previous ti, specially at that price point!)

ace October 5, 2018 - 2:04 am

It will tell the consumer how much performance improvement there was over the previous generation. unfortunately, the 2080’s fell off the same price range so you have a good point there.


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