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Nubia X Two Functional Screens

by Ace Damon
Nubia X Two Functional Screens

Does Nubia X have two functional screens?

Smartphone manufacturers try to increase the size of screens by trying not to make the equipment too big.

Recently, Apple, OnePlus, Google, Essential and Huawei opted for the “notch” – a curved cutout at the top of the monitor to house the camera, speakers, sensors, and the like.

Instead, Xiaomi has chosen to remove these elements from the entire front of the handset by grouping them into a sliding drawer that is revealed by pulling down on the screen like the slider keyboards on Nokia’s phones of years past.

For its part, Samsung in 2019 decided to go for the drilling of the screen and put the selfie camera on the screen itself.

But Nubia bets on a different format. Instead of trying to invent the front camera somewhere, Nubia has decided to remove the front camera by offering high-quality rear cameras entirely.

So how do we use the camera? Nubia has put a screen in the back area, a little weaker, but that allows us to enjoy all the experience of the equipment and to take away such selfies.

And with a significant advantage, with the best cameras of the equipment. Instead, Nubia wants smartphone owners to use the camera mounted on the back to film their selfies.

To make this easier, the company’s latest handset has a secondary display on the back of the device. The screen is calibrated to match the coating on the end of the glass apparatus and when it is off its hardly noted that such a display exists.

The main screen features 6.3 inches with 1080 x 2280p resolution, while the rear screen is OLED, has 5.1 inches and an HD + resolution, both of which feature Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

The processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, accompanied by the Adreno 630.

There are options of 6GB / 8GB / 10GB of RAM, while storage can range from 128GB up to 512GB.

In the camera area, we have a 16 MP PDAF sensor with f / 1.8 aperture and a 24MP aperture f / 1.7 aperture.

In terms of software, we have the Nubia UI 6, based on Android 8.1 and a 3800 mAh battery.

Our use of the product went very well, and we were very impressed since all the use was very fluid.

One of the areas where we were suspicious was the change between the screens, because, for example, the Alcatel U30 we have to do it through an option in the operating system itself, to switch to the e-ink screen of the equipment, but that is not what we have to do here.

On Nubia X, just turn the equipment upside down, it automatically changes to the rear screen, as it should be our intention to use the rear screen in the equipment, which is great and always work well in the various uses we have made.

We were quite impressed with the fluidity with which everything happens and how it always worked, without any bug and not losing information about what we were doing on the other screen.

Unfortunately, it is not yet available for Europe because the software is not yet ready and the forecast for launch in the European market should only happen in a few months, with the price expected to be around € 600, Nubia in the MWC 2019.

However, with the arrival of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, it makes less sense to have such a high price for a piece of equipment with previous processing power, so it is good if Nubia is not late in launching this equipment.



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