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by Ace Damon

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Nokia 8 Sirocco – Our analysis of the top of Nokia.

Since Nokia has returned to the radar of consumers worldwide, and particularly of nationals, we have seen some good launches, especially mid/high-end terminals, where the brand can have good equipment.

One of the last ones we liked was the 7 Plus: for 500 euros we got a very competent smartphone with good multimedia features.


However, Nokia / HMD’s best-known handsets are those with the lowest number, such as the 6.1 from 300 euros – and even the “original” version of 8 (2017) is an excellent example of a smartphone that already had a great value for money.

Nokia’s foray into high-end smartphones was thus a bet we were very curious to meet, especially after the announcement of the all-powerful Nokia 8 Sirocco, first presented at last year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

But after having used this equipment for a few days, it is easy to see why it is not a good buy.

The first is the price: it is almost 900 euros smartphone for a device that when presented was good, but that for now will not be able to compete with other phone terminals of the same price range.

For example, the Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung S9 have a better screen, cameras and better performance than Nokia’s Sirocco.

And since we speak on the screen, here is another thing less good of this smartphone: only 5.5 inches, which makes it the top-of-the-range smartphone with the smallest display at the moment.

Particularly, I do not think that having a small screen is a disadvantage since it even makes Sirocco compact, but at the asking price, customers always want a bigger screen: it’s the market’s fault that caused the top of the range to have this characteristic associated for some years.

There are two more things that deserve our criticism: there is no way to expand memory, another incomprehensible thing in a top-end 900 euros Android phone.

And some shadows exist in the edges of the curved screen, which causes these vertical areas of the display to remain with a darker tone when we see sites or use clearer apps.


What also did not convince us was the design, with sharp edges on the sides, which make the prolonged use very uncomfortable.

On the contrary, there is the camera (with professional mode and capable of giving us great photos, even in the most adverse light conditions) and the fact that it brings Android One, the pure version of Google’s operating system, which, incidentally, is a trait identical to all the equipment of the “new” Nokia.

The Sirocco is a premium version of the Nokia 8 where the price tries to be in line with the features of this smartphone. But more than 850 euros requested are too much for a piece of equipment with little autonomy and with such a small screen.

Technical Specifications

Processor: Snapdragon 835 octa-core (4 x 2.5 GHz 4 x 1.8 GHzKryo)

Memory: 6GB Storage: 128GB

Cameras: 12+13 MP (rear) 5 MP (front)

Display: 5.5 “P-OLED (1440 x 2560), 534ppi

Battery: 3260mAh

Dimensions: 140.9 x 73 x 7.5 mm Weight: 177gr



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