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New version of Google Chrome bets on security! Understand the changes

by Ace Damon

Google has announced a panoply of updates to the Google Chrome browser on version M79, which is being released today. What's new focuses on security settings to make them easier to configure and improve the overall user experience.

Google Chrome will warn you if your password is insecure

Previously only available through the Password Checkup extension, this feature will be native to Google Chrome. The browser will essentially warn you if your password or username combination has been compromised in a known data leak.

Chrome uses an information leak database to cross data and inform the user if their credentials have already been compromised. The browser will then encourage you to change your password so that you do not compromise your security. The function can be disabled in the "Google sync and services" option.

Real time phishing protection

Phishing attacks involve attempts to steal personal information. One of the most common methods are fake links leading to websites impersonating legitimate addresses. Here comes Google's new real-time protection built into Chrome.

This protection will work in conjunction with Safe Browsing, analyzing the legitimacy of each site by address. If the site in question is not listed as safe by Google, you are warned that the site you are visiting may be harmful.

Google claims that this system increases protection effectiveness by 30%. Previously, Google Chrome only scanned every 30 minutes, allowing the most skilled criminals to switch pages, successfully hiding from Google's detection.

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