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New record: see the world's largest firework

by Ace Damon
New record: see the world's largest firework

It is as if the second Sun has arrived. Check out the video.

By Carolina Fioratti


11 Feb 2020, 8:10 PM



(nikkytok / Super Interesting)

It was 7:56 pm on the last Saturday (8) when the big flash took over the sky. Tim Borden, an American from Colorado, was responsible. Your mission: to blow up the biggest firework in human history.

According to the Guinness Book, he did it. A representative from the record books went to Steamboat Springs, the small town of 13,000 where Tim lives, to witness the explosion, and validate it for the Guinness annals. It was certainly a beautiful experience. Look here:

Tim reserved 1,200 kilos of explosives – the weight of a car – to be dropped by a giant cannon. The junk was almost eight meters high, just over five feet wide and weighed about 1,270 kilograms. He was supposed to launch the firework at a height greater than a mile (1.6 kilometers), which is a safe distance.

On February 10, 2019, the American tried to do the same pyrotechnic show, but with 100 kilos less fireworks. Unsuccessfully. At least, Borden didn't give in and kept trying.

In an interview with The Denver Channel, the record holder thanked the support of the city residents. "We had to work closely together to ensure that our fireworks presented absolutely no danger to people, wildlife or structures in the area."

See more images on the fanpage that Tim and other fireworks fanatics maintain on Facebook, the Steamboat Firework. But first, get your dog out of the room.

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