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NASA scientist questions Einstein's theory after 'violation' of the laws of …

by Ace Damon
NASA scientist questions Einstein's theory after 'violation' of the laws of ...

NASA scientist is questioning whether Albert Einstein's theories about space would be inaccurate.

The questioning was prompted by the observation of the Hubble telescope, which caught an object traveling five times faster than the speed of light.

In his theory of relativity, Einstein established that the speed of light was 300,000 kilometers per second, so that nothing could travel faster.

However, NASA's Hubble telescope would have found objects traveling at speeds five times faster than the scientist proposed. The event was registered by scientist Robert Williams in 1995 in the galaxy Messier 87, according the tabloid Express.

According to scientists, something was violating one of the most fundamental laws of the universe, on which everything in nature would be based.

However, they argue that there may be a logical answer to the phenomenon, as virtually all galaxies have a central black hole that often attracts stars and clouds of gas, and when this gas spins through the drain, heating and causing magnetic fields to concentrate. part of it in hot plasma jets.

That way, jets would be fired at speeds very close to light, however, they are not faster.

According to scientists, these superlight jets can create the reversibility in time that can be seen in gamma ray burst light curves.

In this case, the jets would not violate Einstein's law, since they move faster than light through the blast-generated jet, not through the vacuum, second the Zap portal.

"Standard gamma ray burst models have neglected the properties of the reversible light curve over time […] Superluminal jet motion takes these properties into account and maintains a large number of Standard Model characteristics," said the scientist and research author published in The Astrophysical Journal, Jon Hakkila.



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