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NASA Plans To Collide Probe With Asteroid

by Ace Damon
NASA Plans To Collide Probe With Asteroid

NASA plans to send the DART spacecraft to 65803 Didymos, a 150-meter-wide binary asteroid that orbits the Sun and is located near Earth’s orbit.

Constantly, NASA conducts asteroid checks, especially those that are potentially dangerous to our Planet. Taking into consideration a possible asteroid clash with Earth, NASA already has a plan to solve the problem.

Called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, the measure is a mission that aims to crash a spacecraft with an asteroid. The intention is to divert his route and save the Earth.

According to NASA, the asteroid in question is a perfect example of a body that could collide with Earth. NASA intends to collide with spacecraft with an asteroid.

The American Space Agency says the celestial body is a perfect example of the size and type of asteroid that would have the potential to hit Earth.

Considering the fact, NASA wants to send its DART probe to it in December 2020. The initial idea is that the probe may collide with the surface of the asteroid, which would cause a powerful explosion and possibly change the asteroid’s route, staying away from Earth.

By sending the spacecraft to the asteroid, NASA will be able to measure how the impact varies the position of the asteroid and still have a better idea of ​how the asteroids could be redirected in the future.

Let us be reminded that NASA reported a giant asteroid passed near Earth in January.

Scientists believe that the asteroid AG3, as it was called, has a size of 64 to 140 meters in diameter. Scientists have discovered that an asteroid giant was identified by NASA in the early hours of the day, passing “near” Earth.

Called by NASA as Asteroid 2019 AG3, the celestial body, awoke the call “Earth Close Approach,” passage of the planet.

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have detected the asteroid was passing at 2:18 GMT on the 14 of January 2019.

Even though NASA believes we will not have any asteroids reaching Earth soon, scientists believe the phenomenon must be traced. This is because the asteroid AG3 is 64 to 140 meters in diameter. It would be twice the size of a 747 Boening.

Based on this, if this asteroid moves closer to Earth, it could be considered a potentially dangerous asteroid, a place currently occupied by the asteroid Apollo, which would initially have a diameter equivalent to 7 Km.

Objects over 140 meters in diameter that pass close to Earth will have great potential to cause damage if it enters regions or continents. That’s because they would hit Earth with a minimum energy of 60 megatons, considered more dangerous than a nuclear weapon.

According to NASA, the asteroid AG3 flew at more than 14.62km/s. The AG3 would have diverted from Earth about 4.9 million km, which is equivalent to 12.86 times the distance from Earth to the Moon.

Approximately one-third of the 25,000 objects near Earth that are at least 140 meters in diameter were cataloged by NASA and its partners.


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