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Multidisciplinary Programs Join Fight Against Obesity

by Ace Damon
Multidisciplinary Programs Join Fight Against Obesity

Lose weight quickly and effortlessly. This is the wish of many of those who wage a daily struggle against the balance and who, as a result, fall victim to countless miraculous promises, from pills to virtual counselors. The truth is that there is no magic formula for losing weight. Multidisciplinary programs, which involve not only eating and physical exercise, but also caring for the patient's emotional, have proven to be effective in the fight to prevent obesity.

At 47, Almir Rodrigues Marchi begins to savor the results of his choice for the Upb Clinic's Carb 7 Diet project. "We started on August 28, I arrived with 148.9 kilos and I'm managing to lose weight well. I eliminated 16 kilos of fat and gained 10 kilos of mass", says the merchant.

Almir has already had a concertina effect of many pounds. Young, made Weight Watchers and dropped from 140 pounds to 90 pounds. She gained weight again and reached 160 pounds. He lost 70 pounds following the guidelines of Record TV reality Beyond the Weight, led by physical educator Alexandre Bro. A knee injury took him back to triple digit on the scale.

"I never gave up on myself, I always ran after my goals. Here they welcome me with open arms, give full attention, show where we are going wrong, where they are getting it right," he says.

Luciana Rocha, Upbe nutritionist who applies the method, finds that besides obesity people are extremely needy. "They need to be heard," he says. "Those who suffer from the disease often seek help when living the exclusion and prejudice of morbid obesity," believes the professional. "There is a social judgment that leads to this exclusion and generates major problems of depression. It is not only the biochemical levels of the obese that increase. He no longer sees himself in society," he says.

The treatment consists of an initial, face-to-face consultation, where it is possible to make an x-ray of the patient. "He goes home with every eating plan, supplementation if necessary. I'm giving him the tools, but we know that we have internal and external saboteurs. Then come concepts of positive psychology, neurolinguistic programming, so that one can search for one's true self." key to change, "he explains. "We transform lives."

Changing one's destiny was what motivated the physiotherapist Edivana Poltronieri to develop her method for losing weight. In 2015, at age 35, with grade II obesity, she decided it was time for a change. The trigger? A flight where she couldn't buckle her seat belt.

“I was giving lectures and classes all over Brazil about the health problems caused by unruly eating, and even though I was an excellent professional, I didn't feel credible to talk about it because I was obese,” says Edivana.

The result of the turn? Twenty-four pounds in three months by combining strategies she has studied and proven. The success of his weight loss sparked the interest of friends and family, who wanted to try the same recipe. “The magic-sounding formula, in fact, was the integration of dietary reeducation, vitamin supplementation, aesthetic treatments and daily follow-up with nutritionist and psychologist,” he explains.

"It worked for me, but I needed to prove it would work for anyone. My intention was to share this personal transformation, because I know how difficult it is and how much I suffered," says Edivania, who was able to scientifically prove the effectiveness of his method.

From her personal experience, 5S Healthy Lifestyle was born, a multidisciplinary program that combines food reeducation with daily remote monitoring of nutricoaches and coaches through its own application, supplementation with natural nutraceuticals and weekly visits to the franchised method clinics. performing aesthetic procedures and aerobic activities.

“The goal of 5S is to inspire people to adopt healthy habits, resulting in quality of life and longevity. Soon we will have a social network for patients and former patients, because people do not want to feel alone, ”says Edivana. "It's not about losing weight. It's about making a living," says the former obese businesswoman.



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