Motivate Yourself And Work Towards Your Goals Consistently Every Day

Motivate Yourself And Work Towards Your Goals Consistently Every Day

I think the best skill you could have is to know how to motivate yourself, whether you’re self-employed or working for someone else, it’s a very valuable skill to be able to get energized and excited about anything, and get yourself into a productive state instantly anytime you want.

There are a few simple techniques that you can use simultaneously to motivate yourself and make sure that you make consistent progress toward your daily goals.

Move towards pleasure while also moving away from pain, set small goals and repeat them.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for your only motivator to be to change your life. Changing your life is important, but what is your life building up to, what is the finish line or at least the next milestone in your life,

For many people I know, their next milestone is to make their first sale or their first $10 online, for others it’s to break through a monthly income barrier and finally hit that $20,000 per month glass ceiling. For some people I know it’s to pay down their mortgage, buy a home, buy their dream car, or maybe quit their job so they can achieve financial independence.

But the first step towards motivating yourself is to have a goal that’s preferably a few months away but not too far in the future, something that you can accomplish within the next three months or less if you can really push yourself.

Now moving towards goals is great, but to make sure that you move towards that goal with complete enthusiasm, move away from pain at the same time. For example, do you have debt – making money is great and going on vacation is great, but maybe you can use some of that new found income to pay off or pay down your debt, and what that will mean for you is less worry.

If your goal is to make a certain amount of money from your internet business and quit your job, well then the pleasure you’re moving towards is more free time and more money, and the pain you’re moving away from is less worry and more growth and freedom.

You’re moving towards something while at the same time moving away from something else, and you’re doing it in small tiny little steps. You have this goal for the next three months and now what are you going to do to accomplish it,

Let’s say your goal was a certain amount of money total, or a certain amount of money per month. Now how much money does that turn into per week, And based on that weekly income goal, how many products or services will you have to sell on a day to day basis, and based on that, how big of list size or how many new contacts or leads will you need to acquire to get to that point,

Have a small goal that you can reach right now, and then repeat a few months down the line once you hit that goal, because the point is not to achieve your dreams once, it’s to get to the next stage in your life and from there move onto the next logical step and on and on.

Motivate yourself and work towards your goals, first of all move towards some pleasurable outcome, not the end game of your entire life, but a stepping stone to move to the next phase. At the same time, move away from pain because you don’t want to be 100% satisfied with the way things are, you want to always become better and always grow. And finally, hit those goals and repeat them over and over so that your life doesn’t just become better once and regress, it keeps improving and improving and improving.