Monthly Coaching Program

Monthly Coaching Program

No matter what kind of advice you provide, whether it’s self help, weight loss, hypnosis, stock market, foreign exchange, whatever niche that is many people are willing to pay you money to meet once per month to take part in what’s called a monthly coaching programme. This is a great bonus or a great upsell on top of whatever home study course or membership site you are selling or plan to be selling in the very near future.

When you make a monthly coaching program you can make it a personal or group call on a recurring basis, a monthly question or Q and A call, and finally go over case studies and review what has been going on, what is new in your niche recently.

Some people will pay you one time to meet one time for personal coaching. If they’re having trouble losing weight, if they’re stock portfolio need help or if they need your assistance making a real estate ad. These are all great examples of someone who is stuck and needs your help to get unstuck where a simple book might not cut it, they need this personal coaching. If someone is willing to pay you a certain amount of money one time for advice and they keep getting results, doesn’t it make sense to automatically bill them and schedule meetings ahead of time to solve their problems, I think so.

All you have to do is set up a recurring payment button or even a button that pays you once per month a set amount for the rest of the year. Get someone to click to the button, fill it out and now agree to pay you monthly. Schedule the meetings over the phone or over a webinar or over Skype so that you know when you will meet and what you will talk about. This way your customers don’t have to go to all the effort of deciding if they should pay you again, send you the money, it all happens automatically.

Even if you’re not the type of person who prefers personal coaching, what if you’re going to run a training call once per month in exchange for a set fee. This is called a Q and A, or question and answer call. It has different advantages, for example, people can pay a lower price because the information you’re giving it shared amongst the group. Someone might be paying $200 for twenty minutes every month but that same $200 might be worth a two hour group Q and A call.

All you have to do for this monthly Q and A call is, once again, set up a recurring payment button for anyone who wants to join the meetings, schedule those meetings over a service like instant teleseminar or go to webinar, meet and then give people a way to type in their questions and simply answer them. Even if you don’t get questions make up questions yourself. Go to message boards, look at your e-mail and figure out what questions come up over and over, and answer them.

This final way of generating monthly content for a monthly coaching program is case studies. Look at what your students are doing. What are they doing correctly and demonstrate that to the entire group. What have you been doing this past week or month, What has been working for you and what has not been working for you, How should people adjust,

That’s how you create a monthly coaching program. Schedule recurring personal meetings, a group Q and A meeting or go over case studies.