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Microsoft Suggests Companies To Use A More Modern Browser

by Ace Damon
Microsoft Suggests Companies To Use A More Modern Browser

Microsoft makes an appeal for companies to stop using Internet Explorer.

The creator of IE suggests the use of a more modern browser, Internet Explorer can be considered a dead browser by a lot of people, but it’s still pretty much used by some companies, something that its own creator, Microsoft, wants it to stop.

In a post on his official blog, one of the company’s executives talks about the dangers of still using Internet Explorer as the default browser and calls for companies to switch to a more modern browser.

The text essentially explains that some companies are taking the “easiest” way to keep Internet Explorer from having to renew their applications and services, but that this will generate more long-term spending because the browser is getting more and more abandoned.

This is referred to as “technical debt”, which may be costing real money to companies that insist on not modernizing.

“Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution. We are not supporting new web standards for it, and while many websites work well, most developers do not even test for Internet Explorer these days. , if we continued with our previous strategy, you would end up in a scenario where, by optimizing for the things you have, you end up not being able to use the new apps as they are released. As the new apps are being launched more and faster, what we want to help you do is avoid having to lose an increasing share of the internet!”

Microsoft would be working on a browser based on Chrome it seems, the new browser would come to replace Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge along with Windows 10 for three years, but the browser can be replaced soon, according to rumors coming from The Verge.

The site indicates that Microsoft is working on a new browser based on Chromium, the same source code used in favorite Google Chrome.

According to the website, Microsoft must present news about its next browser later this week. The project would already be in advanced development and would even have a codename: Anaheim.

The reason for switching to a new browser based on the leading competitor’s source code would be the lack of compatibility of the Edge with some web resources, which has left users using business-oriented features unhappy with the platform.

In addition to public discontent, Microsoft has already given indications that it would be working on something related to Chromium.

Last month the company worked with Google engineers to improve the use of Google Chrome on Windows running on ARM processors.

The Chromium project is trendy and is present in several browsers in the market beyond Google Chrome.

Other popular browsers based on the source code are Opera and Vivaldi. Microsoft did not comment officially on the subject.


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