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Microsoft Office joins Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android

by Ace Damon
Microsoft Office joins Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android

Office can now be downloaded on Android smartphones, which brings together Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF reader, part of Office Lens and quick notes in one app. The novelty only affects the green robot side of the Force and, at least for now, the aggregator of the software giant's productivity suite is not available for tablets or Chrome OS.

Once opened, the Office app scans all documents within the user's OneDrive account and displays them all on a single screen, which also allows you to filter the type of content according to what it is – whether it is a text document , spreadsheet, presentation, or PDF.

The curious thing is that some smartphone brands have a partnership with Microsoft, which delivers their pre-installed apps on some Samsung and LG models, for example. Downloading the Office aggregator does not eliminate separate apps for Word, Excel or PowerPoint, which are still available even within the Play Store – what a mess!

There are two more details: there are no new features, just the merging of several applications into one and Chromebooks were left out of the compatibility list, even if running Android apps. Precisely they, which have a full keyboard and trackpad in generous size for some notebooks.

If you want to test Office for Android on a smartphone, just download it directly from Play Store.

With information: Android Police.


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