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Microsoft Edge Receives New Logo to 'Erase' Bad Internet Memories …

by Ace Damon

Microsoft has decided after almost five years to give Microsoft Edge a new logo. Considering that the 'new' browser logo, introduced in 2015, remains extremely similar to the controversial Internet Explorer, this implementation is already late.

The Edge browser has come with the goal of forgetting all the problems and bad reputation accumulated by Internet Explorer over the years. Although it presented itself as a revamped browser and not simply a "better version", Edge eventually received a logo almost identical to Explorer.

New Microsoft Edge logo will eliminate any relationship with Explorer

Although it was released as a new browser, which from the outset had a distinct performance of Internet Explorer, Edge continued to present several very similar details, which did not help users to be "enticed" to try the browser.

Over the past few months, Microsoft is working on a new version of Microsoft Edge, based on Google's Chromium platform. This new version will represent an important milestone in the history of the company's browsers, so they decided to create a logo.

This new logo will surely represent all the new features and look of Microsoft Edge, eliminating any Internet Explorer memory. The logo was unveiled in a new game on Edge and comes in the shape of a wave.

Regarding their colors, they come in harmony with the pallet adopted by Microsoft in updating many of their Apps.

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