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Michael Bloomberg May Actually Run for President After All

by Ace Damon
Michael Bloomberg May Actually Run for President After All

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It's less than three months from Iowa's caucuses – but apparently the expanding 2020 democratic camp may still be growing. Despite announcing in March that he would not throw his hat in the 2020 ring, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be preparing to change his mind. Several media outlets are reporting that Bloomberg is making moves towards a possible race for 2020, although the billionaire has not yet made a final decision on whether or not to participate in the race. Democrats need to "make sure Trump is defeated – but Mike is increasingly concerned that the current candidate camp is not well placed to do that," Bloomberg consultant Howard Howardson said The New York Times, which first reported on the possible execution of Bloomberg. "If Mike competes, he will offer Democrats a new option, based on a unique record of the largest city in the United States, building a business from scratch and facing some of America's toughest challenges as a high impact philanthropist."

The former mayor is expected to make a decision within days of a possible execution and is currently taking steps to ensure that he is not excluded as submission deadlines for the 2020 approach. Bloomberg plans to officially submit his candidacy in Alabama before of the deadline on Friday, and is contacting prominent Democrats to tell them that they are seriously considering participating in the race. Retired Senator Harry Reid told the Times he received a call from Bloomberg in which he indicated that he would run for president without explicitly saying so. "(The call) wasn't just to wish me a good weekend," Reid said. Although Bloomberg has flirted with presidential nominations in the past, usually as a standalone candidate, this time it is apparently the closest he has come to actually doing so, as the Times notes that Bloomberg had never really taken the step of filing to put its name on the ballot.

Bloomberg will have to use his deep pockets to catch up on the primary race, as he still needs to build any kind of infrastructure in the early primary states and has little chance of reaching the stage of the November debate, which qualifies next week. (The deadline for the December debate is December 12 and requires 200,000 single donors and earns 4% on at least four surveys to qualify.) In addition, while Bloomberg sees his candidacy as a necessary corrective to what he sees as a Democratic backlog, there is little sign that Democratic voters necessarily agree. The Fox News voting conducted in late October found that only 6% of participants would definitely vote for Bloomberg if he participated in the race, while 32% said they would never vote for him. The poll also found that 69% of voters are satisfied with the Democratic camp as it currently is, which already has several candidates on the Bloomberg runways: there are centrists (Joe Biden, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Michael Bennet, etc.). , a prominent billionaire (Tom Steyer), and many candidates corresponding to Bloomberg's age of 77 (Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders and, to a lesser extent, Senator Elizabeth Warren). Bloomberg's mayoral record is not even the first in the Democratic field, with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's current failed bid in 2020 already proving that his experience is not a surefire ticket to getting Democratic voters.

But given its high profile, Bloomberg's candidacy will surely rock the Democratic camp – probably to the detriment of current leader Biden. The billionaire's potential race essentially amounts to a vote of no confidence in Biden's founding campaign, as Bloomberg had given up on the race mainly because it did not believe it had an easy way to nominate Biden in the 2020 ranks. Bloomberg runs into Biden, with the two men vying for the same centrist-based money-making establishment, and any gains the former mayor is able to make will likely hurt Biden and other centrist candidates. to share. As some politicians have already started Anticipating, Bloomberg's candidacy is likely to be a gift to progressives Warren and Sanders as a result, as Bloomberg serves as another candidate to help spread the centrist and center-left vote. The two senators are already using Bloomberg's possible candidacy to their advantage, pointing to their willingness to participate in the race to promote their populist and anti-billionaire messages on Thursday. "The billionaire class is scared and must be scared," Sanders said in a statement. Twitter Thursday while Warren welcomed Bloomberg in the race with a link to the campaign calculator showing how much billionaires would pay under their wealth tax. "If you're looking for policy plans that will make a huge difference to workers and are very popular, start here," Warren I wrote in your message to Bloomberg. (The useful candidate's billionaire calculator even has a "If you are Michael Bloomberg, click here" button), which informs Bloomberg of his opportunity to invest part of his $ 52 billion wealth "back to our society, to that everyone has a chance to succeed. ”)

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