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Metro Exodus: Game Review

by Ace Damon
Metro Exodus Game Review

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Metro Exodus has finally arrived and, instead of stuffing you into a tunnel or a sewer, he puts you to stretch your legs out there a little.

Post-apocalyptic Russia is a strange but incredible sight and Metro Exodus uses large open environments to deliver an intriguing narrative and challenging adventure.

If you want to get away from the hectic environment provided with Battle Royales (which is currently high), this is a great game to enjoy and get to know.

Metro Exodus takes place two years after Metro: Last Light, showing a post-apocalyptic vision of Earth that was devastated by a nuclear war almost 25 years ago.

Here we have Artyom, a Guard of the SPARTA Order. Upon detecting a radio signal, it begins to search for the source, which leads to a series of intriguing events.

Until he discovers that everything he knew and believed may be very different from what he should take has granted, and in order to survive, he decides to leave with his family.

They jump on a subway train, calling it Aurora, and depart on a journey through Russia, past the ruins of the country. It’s a long and arduous journey, which will mark your heart and feelings since you’ll see the crew evolve.

Once you leave the tunnels and start caring about the outside world, you will find many places to explore.

It’s an indescribable pleasure. Of course, not everyone is friendly. And neither does Artyom has to be. It all depends on how you want to play.

Would you instead go by the more violent side or want to follow a more stealth line?

You can even knock out enemies instead of killing them. And this is a much more than a moral option, it’s economical: Artyom has a limited inventory and can only carry 3 weapons at a time.

You will run out of ammo quickly and this makes a total difference in your adventure.

One of the significant challenges here is to survive.

In addition, you will need to collect items and resources to make your adventure more peaceful.

Eliminating threats is useful, but you need to balance everything. Not everyone wants to kill you right away, so you also have to let some people survive.

Stealth is of great importance in this game, wherever you go.

In addition to the combat, you will find several decisions that can impact your game and thanks to the morality system, you will have an idea of how your decisions will be received by other people.

The game will ensure that your decisions are valuable.

Obviously, this will also make it easier to deal with other people, if you are a good and honorable guy, you will probably have more access to some people, while others will see you as a threat if you are someone with a bad record.

You really feel like one of the last humans in the world, there is a sense of urgency, you never know what you will find on the next corner, it is a dangerous and mysterious world, waiting to be explored.

The game has very good light effects, the frame rate is smooth and there are few loading screens.

There are several games that try to emulate the feeling of a soldier in an unknown world, but Metro Exodus manages to go beyond that idea.

It has a great quality of interpretation, dialogue and also delivers a believable world. In the end, Metro Exodus is a fantastic evolution for the series and one of the games that are worth investing.

It has great characters, a beautiful look, and many challenges.

If you like games like Fallout, it’s good to give Metro Exodus a try. It is a game that has more than 35 hours of missions and a lot to explore. I recommend putting in your list of ‘essential games’.



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