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Mercosur has reached an unprecedented agreement on both sides with EU, says …

by Ace Damon

Argentine President Mauricio Macri made a defense of multilateralism and international cooperation in his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday (24). In his speech, Macri recalled the trade agreement signed by Mercosur with the European Union, highlighting the initiative as "unprecedented for both sides". According to him, the South American trade bloc "is now modern and open to the world".

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Macri said that at a time of global fragmentation, he would like to advocate for greater cooperation, "more and better multilateralism." According to him, there were changes so that Mercosur became "a competitive and dynamic bloc".

In his speech, Macri also commented on the picture in Venezuela, which he says is experiencing an "unprecedented humanitarian crisis" thanks to the "dictatorship" of President Nicolás Maduro. "We should use all the legal and diplomatic tools available with Venezuela," he said.

The Argentine leader commented that it was "a few months before my first term ended". Candidate for reelection, Macri has a tough fight and the favorite in the first round contest scheduled for November 24 is oppositionist Alberto Fernández. Macri admitted that the country is in a complex situation and said its priority is to deal with the situation, but took advantage of the UN event to send Argentina's message to the world.

Macri recalled the 1994 bombing of the Mutual Israeli Argentine Association (Amia) building. He said the country still wanted to punish those responsible and asked Iran to cooperate in the investigation. There are suspicions from Buenos Aires that the Persian country was involved in the episode, which Tehran has always denied.

The Argentine president also recalled the question of the Falkland Islands, claimed by the Argentines, but which the United Kingdom considers its territory. After the Falklands War (1982), the British have maintained this control. "We want to resume bilateral negotiations" on the issue, said Macri, who praised the current "new relationship framework" with the British anyway.

Macri also said that Argentina renews its commitment to the fight against climate change, is aware of the challenges in this area and intends to respect the Paris Agreement.


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