Memorable Bachelorette Party Ideas - Mild Or Wild
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Memorable Bachelorette Party Ideas – Mild Or Wild

The bachelorette party is a rite of passage from single life to married life. It wasn’t all that long ago that soon to be grooms would get to out and drink and watch strippers, but women would get a bridal shower where gifts and advice were given over tea and cake. Not that a bridal shower is a bad thing, but why can’t ladies have just as much fun as the guys,

That’s a great question, and the good news is that this has changed. Women can and do have as much fun as their male counterparts when it comes to pre-wedding partying. These parties can range from the intimate and laid back, to the open and wild. The main thing to keep in mind while planning is that the party is for the bride to be. Therefore, you should only do things she will approve of, or at least will approve of after a little coaxing. Here are a few bachelorette party ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

A bridal shower is a good option for those brides that prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Invite her family and friends to someone’s home, or rent a larger space if needed. The guests will bring gifts and share advice related to married life. You can still have a lot of fun by playing games and enjoying good food.

This is a good time to bring up the question of whether or not the bachelorette party will involve male strippers. You will need to consider who will be attending the party, and how offended they may be. If the bride refuses to have a stripper, then you should respect her wishes. If there are guests who won’t watch a stripper, but the bride wants one, then you can always work around that problem. For example, if you are going to have the stripper appear at the bridal shower, you can schedule him to appear after certain guests have left.

Another option for a more laid back affair is to have all of the girls go to the spa for the day, attend a concert, or going to a salon for everybody to get make overs. The main thing is that everybody has a good time together.

Whether your bachelorette party ideas are mild or wild, you can always incorporate a scavenger hunt to liven things up. Everybody looks for certain items, or has to do something to scratch the item off the list. The nice thing about this is that you can make it as innocent or naughty as you like.

If budget isn’t an issue, then going on a trip to New York or Las Vegas are some good bachelorette party ideas. Any city that has a vibrant night life and partying spirit is a good choice. As a rule, the bride is not expected to pay for anything, so everybody will have to chip in. But other than that, have fun, go crazy (but not too crazy) and enjoy the party!