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Mc Gui, assume you made a mistake that gets less ugly!

by Ace Damon
Mc Gui, assume you made a mistake that gets less ugly!

It's my fault and I put it wherever I want. This is exactly the option that MC Gui seems to have taken in the face of criticism he received after posting a video in which he teases a little girl on a train at Disney.

You can hear him making fun of the girl and the laughter of friends. The record was deleted by the singer, but it gave time for many people to see, share and be horrified.

Instead of going public and assuming that he was wrong, he blundered, that this is not to be done, as expected, he preferred to play the poor thing, accuse the media, say that "Internet is very boring", that no one understood, finally, the complete package of those who refrain from admitting their own guilt.

MC Gui's tearful video saying he's a good boy, has a family, who never intended to hurt anyone, doesn't convince.

He begins his clarification note with "I came to speak of a video that has unfairly reverberated." Hi?

He told a story that he is at Disney for Halloween, who "loves Halloween", and would have seen a costumed family like the characters in the movie Monsters S / A, so he began filming.

MC Gui's Bullying is Most Discussed on Social Media

The problem is, that's not what you see in such a video. What you see is he giving the girl's face close-up (who was dressed like Boo), amazed at her features, and laughing a lot next to her friends.

A tweet summed up the impropriety of attitude. "The cool thing about this Mc Gui story is that if it was in my childhood everyone would laugh at the mine, and now everyone gets up to defend it. Nice to see that the world has evolved, and that it's just getting boring for those it's an asshole. "

Mc Gui has shows canceled after humiliating child who would be sick

That's it. It is not the Internet that is boring. Boring is one who can not understand that the world has changed and that to joke someone for physical characteristics, whatever, is not the least funny. MC Gui's situation got even worse when word spread that the little girl's name is July, she has cancer and was wearing a wig for being on chemotherapy.

MC Gui failed to do the basics: to assume that he did wrong, that he did wrong, that he did bullying, and that he learned the lesson. Whining and blaming others is only making the situation worse.

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