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Man dies delivering underwater proposal, says fiancée who never got to say ‘yes’

by Ace Damon
Man dies delivering underwater proposal, says fiancée who never got to say 'yes'


AN Woman says Louisiana The boyfriend died shortly after delivering an underwater proposal, which she received while standing inside the couple's submerged hotel room.

Kenesha Antoine shared the tragic news Friday in a Facebook post. She recorded the proposal, where Steven Weber swam to the hotel room window and proposed to use a handwritten note placed in a waterproof container.

The video shows Antoine's pleasure with the proposal. Weber quickly flashes an engagement ring before seeming to swim toward the water's surface.

"You never emerged from these depths, so you never heard my answer: 'Yes! Yes! A million times, yes, I will marry you !!'" Antoine wrote.

The resort has been identified as Manta Resort in Tanzania, the BBC reported.

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The US State Department is aware of reports of the recent death of a tourist in Tanzania, a spokesman said on Saturday in an e-mailed statement to USA TODAY. No further details were disclosed.

Antoine, identified by The lawyer as a lawyer for Baton Rouge, we were unable to contact you to comment.

Matthew Saus, the resort's CEO, confirmed to USA TODAY that a male guest drowned while diving alone alone out of the underwater room on Thursday. Saus said the accident is being investigated by local police.

"Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers are with your girlfriend, families and friends affected by this tragic accident," Saus said in a statement.

Weber's proposal note said in part, "I can't hold my breath enough to tell everything I love about you. But … everything I love about you I love most every day!"

Antoine celebrated Weber in her Facebook post with countless photos and videos, showing the couple smiling and laughing.

Weber was reminded by her friend Roxanne Hare: "It's not just a cliché that he always had a smile on his face. He was a fun guy." Hare told the lawyer.


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