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Maduro says opposition dialogue table advances 'step by step'

by Ace Damon
Maduro says opposition dialogue table advances 'step by step'

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro assured on Monday (23) that the dialogue table between the government and an opposition sector is advancing gradually.

Government delegations and part of the opposition announced on September 23 that eight working tables will be set up and will have a 20-day deadline to report on progress.

"The national dialogue table allows it to be moving forward step by step; I ask for the support of the whole country for the national dialogue table, which is an opportunity for peace, a window of peace that opens to the country, of mutual understanding, of dialogue. in diversity, it is an open-door dialogue table, "said Maduro.

The working tables will address the discussion of electoral power, truth commission, economics, medicines and basic supplies, institutional balance and political benefits, public services, political parties and social movements.

On September 16, a fraction of the opposition and the government announced the formation of a dialogue table and signed a pact consisting of six points.

The agreements provide for the reintegration of members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) government into parliament, the appointment of a new National Electoral Council, the release of political prisoners, the rejection of sanctions and their immediate suspension, and support for oil for necessary goods.

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