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Lula, Maduro, and Fernández denounce 'coup d'etat' in Bolivia; Mexico offers …

by Ace Damon
Lula, Maduro, and Fernández denounce 'coup d'etat' in Bolivia; Mexico offers ...

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Latin American left-wing leaders reacted on Sunday to the resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales, who stepped down after pressure from the military and popular protests.

Lula called the incident a "coup d'etat" and said on twitter: "It is unfortunate that Latin America has an economic elite that does not know how to live with democracy and the social inclusion of the poor."

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said on your twitter which "categorically condemns the coup d'état" in Bolivia. "The social and political movements in the world are declaring themselves to be mobilizing to demand the preservation of the life of the original Bolivian peoples who are victims of racism," said Maduro.

"In Bolivia, a coup d'état has been consummated as a result of the joint actions of violent civilians, police mutiny, and army passivity. It is a blow to President Evo Morales, who called for a new electoral process. We, the defenders of democratic institutions, we repudiate the unleashed violence that prevented Evo Morales from completing his presidential term and altered the course of the electoral process, "said Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernández, on twitter.

Fernández takes office on December 10. The possibility of Morales going to Argentina after resigning came to circulate on social networks, but the now former president clarified that should remain in Bolivia.

Mexico offers asylum

Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard also spoke on twitter about the incidents in Bolivia on Sunday and said "there is a military operation in progress" and "no coup". The Mexican chancellor also offered asylum to Morales.

"Mexico, in accordance with its tradition of asylum and non-intervention, has received 20 personalities from the Bolivian executive and legislature at the official residence in La Paz, so we have also decided to offer asylum to Evo Morales," wrote Ebrard.

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