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Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets

by Ace Damon
Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets

There are some tremendous crispy things in the world (granola), but crunchy outfits are not one of them.

These dryer sheets are infused with notes of lavender essential oil of ethical origin and mixed with Moroccan argan oil, leaving your fabrics with a serene kiss from nature that lasts.

We start our journey towards greener cleaning products by loading our products with ingredients from renewable sources and packed in recycled and recyclable bottles.

Our goal is a carbon footprint so small, and it’s like we’re not even here.

So every time you choose Love Home and Planet, you join our mission of a cleaner planet: we support the creators of environmental change.

Our voluntary carbon tax supports recycling initiatives.

HOW TO USE: Use a single sheet of paper with each load and place it on wet clothing.

Be sure to follow the care label instructions on the dress.

It should not be used with children’s pajamas or other garments labeled as flame-resistant as they reduce flame resistance.

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Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets

The collection of Love Home and Planet laundry products range from laundry detergent concentrates to softeners and softeners that are formulated with plant-based ingredients, cruelty-free and ethically-and for days between washes, the brand offers a fast and An easy way for garments to be refreshed with your Dry-Washing Spray.

Drycleaning Spray is a refreshing product that removes wrinkles and helps prolong the wear of a garment that is not yet ready to be washed, which ultimately prevents water from being used unnecessarily in large quantities.

Dry-cleaning sprays are considered as dry shampoo products for clothing and are offered in aromatic varieties such as Tea Tree & Vetiver, Rose Petal & Murumuru, and Lavender & Argan Oil.

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