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Love – From Wonderful Starts To Broken Ends

by Ace Damon
Love - From Wonderful Starts To Broken Ends

I Need Love Help

You know what I do when I need love help? I think about the person I’m in love with and then list the reasons why I am in love with them. I think about the kinds of things they bring to my life like joy, passion, and romance, just to name of few. I also think about what I can do to make them happy. There is nothing better in the world than to be able to make someone else smile and if you are already in love with that person then that makes it even better.

Love is a wonderful emotion, isn’t it? When you are in love with someone, it’s as if you can do anything, there is nothing you are not capable of. You are on Cloud 9 and everything they do is wonderful, they can do no wrong.

There are so many different ways to express your love; cards, flowers, love letters, an intimate candlelit dinner under the stars, the possibilities are endless. My favorite way to show someone I love them is the candlelit dinner. To me, taking the time and preparing a perfect meal then presenting it in the perfect setting says a lot to the person you have prepared it for. It makes them feel special and loved.

When I need love help, I just start with a little planning. I find a recipe for something I know they like and match it with a good wine. Set the perfect table with a tablecloth, cloth napkins, and candles as the centerpiece. The meal is served on fine china and I have soft, romantic music playing. It’s as if we are the only two people in the world. Nice.

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I do like to write love letters and poems also. Love letter writing is a dying art, I think letter writing, in general, is a dying art due to the invention of the internet and cell phones with email, texting and whatever.

It’s a shame that those first feelings of love you experience don’t last, life always seems to get in the way. Though, now that I think about it, I suppose those first feelings are replaced with others, like security or contentment. Some people might think that being content in a relationship is a bit boring but if you are with the right person contentment is a plus.

It means you are comfortable. You don’t have to try to impress the other person or try to win them over. You already have and they have accepted you for who you are, unconditionally. What more could you ask for?

Here is a good test, if you are in a relationship and you can sit in the same room, in silence, for more than 10 minutes without feeling like you should say something, that probably means you are content in that relationship and there is nothing wrong with that.

So on occasion, if you need love help like I need love help, just try some of these suggestions and I bet you’ll find you’ll be content in no time.

Love - From Wonderful Starts To Broken Ends

Opposites Attract

You may remember a song by singer, choreographer, and ex- American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, from several years ago called “Opposites Attract.” In that song, she was singing about all the aspects of her personality and that of her partner’s that were totally different.

She was trying to get the point across that, although there were so many polar opposite things about her and her partner, that they still loved each other frantically. If you ever saw the video for that song, you will see just HOW different they really were.

Even though this was a song and not real life, the things that Paula sang about are totally true. Opposites can, and do, attract each other all the time.

What happens after that depends on how well the couple meshes in other areas of their lives and relationships. They can be as different as night and day, but if the love is strong enough and there are some things that they have in common, these relationships work out all the time.

Something to consider is that people who are completely opposite from each other can, many times, complement each other. They can make each other stronger and better as people.

For instance, suppose there is a couple where one partner has a short fuse with a terrible temper and the other one is very laid back and rarely gets upset over anything. The partner who is a bit too laid back can often help the partner with the terrible temper. That partner can introduce calmness and stability to the relationship.

On the other hand, the partner who is so volatile can help the one who tends to let people walk all over him or her. This works out quite well all the time.

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Another area where this can work is by trying out the tastes and interests of each other. If one of you hates action movies while the other one detests romantic comedies, you can certainly compromise once in a while and try out a highly acclaimed film in both categories. Who knows? It just may give you both a new area of interest to enjoy together.

The idea behind relationships between opposite people is that they will balance each other in positive ways. If the love is there, and the attraction is there, it is very possible for other aspects of these relationships to work out nicely. Obviously, it will take some cooperation on both parts, but that does not mean it cannot be done.

Many of the greatest relationships in history have been between two people who were so opposite from each other that there should never have been a reason for the relationship to work. Yet, these did and were very happy ones.
In a relationship between opposite personalities, there are strengths and weaknesses.

It is the meshing of these attributes that make it all work. The weak become stronger and the stronger become a bit more mellow. In the end, what could be more perfect?

Love - From Wonderful Starts To Broken Ends

Break Up Help Advice

If you and your significant other are about to break up help is out there to show you how to get it done right. Don’t ever break up with someone over the phone or in a text message. Break up with them in person, preferably in private. Don’t humiliate them by breaking up in public. You will end up having more respect for yourself and although they will not like the fact you are breaking up with them, they will have more respect for you in the long run.

Obviously, if your significant other has a tendency to become violent this advice will not apply to your situation. Stay safe and handle the break up over the phone or in public.

Honesty is important, but if the reason you need break up help is that you have met someone else, keep that information to yourself. Even if they ask, don’t tell them. There is no point in causing them more pain than they feel already. Go ahead and start your new relationship, but do yourself a favor even though you may not want to, try to keep it on the down-low.

At least for a while. You don’t want your ex to come at you or your new love in a jealous rage. Make your new memories together in new places, special only to the two of you.

Plan out what you want to say beforehand, no matter how you feel you will be nervous when breaking up with them. Stand your ground. You have made this decision for a reason so stick to it. You will sound less convincing if you try to let them down easy. They will be just as hurt either way so state your reasons calmly and confidently…then run for cover, lol.

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When the break up is done, don’t call them for any reason and don’t take their calls. This will only give them false hope and keep the hurt fresh in both your minds. Don’t kid yourself, you will feel a sense of loss after the breakup, too. Change the habits the two of you had. Don’t keep going to the same coffee house or restaurants you did when you were together. You might accidentally bump into them and then they might think you were there just to see them.

If you haven’t already met someone new, it’s probably best to hold off on dating for a while. You may have had more time to process the break up than your ex, but you should still give yourself some time to adjust to your new single life. It sounds weird, but even if you’re the one who ended the relationship, you can be vulnerable to a rebound relationship too, so give it some time.

Most people don’t realize that no matter which side of the break up you are on, it’s tough. Unless your ex. was a real jerk, you’ll want to find a way to end the relationship as gently, yet firmly, as possible. Following these tips will give you all the break up help you need.


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