Living Together - Things You Should Consider

Living Together – Things You Should Consider

There are legal aspects to consider when making the decision to live together.

When people are married, they have different rights than they do if they are just cohabiting with each other. These rights can be devastating in cases of death or hospitalization or surgery.

Yet they are still rights the couple will need to completely understand so they will be prepared for the ramifications should any such situation happen to them.

When a spouse dies, the other spouse automatically has the rights to the body and any procedures such as burial or cremation. The couples that live together do not always have the same rights based on the states where they reside. Each state has different laws, so it is wise to learn the laws about living together and the rights of each individual.

When the spouse is in the hospital, the other spouse has the rights of visitation as well as the access to personal information regarding the spouse and their treatments or conditions.

The couples who are not married generally do not have these rights.

Imagine living with someone and they are rushed to the emergency room where you are not able to know anything about the person or their condition. It would be a traumatizing experience.

When the spouse becomes disabled, the other spouse can make decisions about their care.

The unmarried couples do not automatically have any say to the care or treatment of the other person.

This can delay the treatment of the individual who may require speedy treatment.

To avoid some of the negative issues involved with cohabitation, there is a legal method to help the situation.

It is called a Power of Attorney (POA). It is a legal document giving legal authority to the partner in cases of financial or other situations where they can make decisions and act for the best interests of the certain person.

To find out more about a POA, consult legal counsel in the state of residence.

It is very important to remember if there is a POA, to update the information should the couple end their relationship.

The POA will still be in effect until any changes are made to void the document.

This is very important to know since the person listed on the POA will still have legal rights to the different aspects of the other person’s life including their financial items.

Taking the time to make the proper preparations for living together will help to avoid needless heartaches, heartaches, and delays.

It will help both people receive the rights to each other should the need arise for them to know about certain aspects or take care in the different situations they may face.

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