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Lipo HD allows 'six pack' creation on operating table

by Ace Damon
Lipo HD allows 'six pack' creation on operating table

Suitable for those who train, train and cannot define muscles, technique works with light and shadow to highlight the body contour.

Lipo HD allows 'six pack' creation on operating table

Queen of memes and a plastic surgery fan, Gretchen wasted no time in testing, and approving, a technique that promises to define muscle on the operating table.

"I did lipo HD. It's awesome!", Said the singer in an interview with a TV channel during Rock In Rio. Plastic surgeon Bruno Luitgards explains that this is a more detailed treatment than conventional lipo.

The term comes from the combination of the terms lipo, as liposuction is popularly known, and the term HD, which stands for 'high definition'. It is a liposuction with high definition.

"HD lipo works with light and shadow and allows to leave marked grooves, highlight the lateral line of the female waist, define the oblique, change the fat of the bra for muscle and even make the six pack, both in men and women," he explains.

The practitioner needs to have much greater control and ability to vacuum the areas to be treated. To perform the procedure are used devices with modern technology, which allow the skin to retract. "Conventional lipo gives a contour, but it doesn't look athletic," says Dr. Luitgards. "It's not fat gummy. What we do is define grooves that will reinforce the muscle definition one already has."

HD lipo is not a procedure for sedentary patients, nor is it intended for weight loss, but rather for muscle definition and body contour improvement.

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HD lipo is ideal for highlighting the muscles of the abdomen, back, arms, chest and buttocks and is suitable for those looking for a more natural and healed body, especially those who already train, maintain an adequate weight but cannot reach muscle definition. .

"The BMI limit is 30. If it goes above that, the patient will need to lose weight to get a lipo HD. The procedure will have a better result for those who already have a healthy lifestyle."

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Recovery, the doctor explains, is reasonably rapid. It takes about three weeks to be able to sport the six pack at the gym.

"It's usually two weeks of rest from work and three weeks of physical activity. In a month and a half the patient is living a very normal life." It is also indicated to do lymphatic drainage, but the professional must have qualification for lipo HD, at risk of 'undoing' muscle marking.

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From her office experience, women outnumber men among those interested in the method. "One of the complaints of conventional lipo is that the abdomen gets stoned, looks like it's dead. But women don't ask for a six pack, they just want to look more natural. With HD it looks like the patient went to the gym, not for surgery." .


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