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Letter to the reader – On the wings of SUPER

by Ace Damon

(ABEAR / Playback)

The central subject of this journal is not exactly science. It is intelligence. We talk about astronomy, culture, economics, infrastructure, gastronomy, sociology, quantum electrodynamics. There is no limit to the topics we deal with.

What sets us apart is an internal law: the SUPER journalist can talk about anything, as long as it brings a new, surprising, and obvious approach.

The latest fruit of this philosophy has come in the form of a prize that has filled us with pride. SUPER was featured in the 7th Abear Journalism Award. Abear is the Brazilian Association of Airlines, which, among other activities, elects the best aviation reports of the year. There are seven categories, and the
SUPER has just won in two.

We were the only vehicle to achieve this by hitting heavy publications and closely following the daily life of the airline industry, such as the Economic value, a Exam it's the Estadão. It's a beautiful sample of what SUPER is capable of doing, within any theme.

Those responsible for the deed were two of the youngest journalists here in the newsroom. I'm talking about Rafael Battaglia, 21, and Guilherme Eler, 24. Rafa won in the “Innovation” category with the article Chopped wings. There, he explains the case of the Boeing 737 Max – the plane that was born as the biggest commercial success in history, with 5,000 orders, and now, banned, threatens the future of the largest aircraft manufacturer on the planet.

The other winning story, made by Gui, is the good balcony Death Hitchhiking. She was awarded the “Freight” category, dissecting the most unusual subject in the logistics world: the air transport of corpses.

If you did not see either, click below. It's worth reading too much – and it's not just me, of course, but aviation.

Gui and Rafa started here as interns. Today, they are house reporters, and they also work hard at producing our videos, our newsletters, our podcasts – the cover story of this issue is from Gui, by the way. Until another day, they were the future of the magazine. No more. Now both are key to our present as well. Congratulations, guys. And thanks for the new air you brought to SUPER.


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