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Leonardo DiCaprio Defends Himself From Attack From Brazilian President

by Ace Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio Defends Himself From Attack From Brazilian President

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is undoubtedly not putting Once upon a time … In Hollywood, in his award ballot, as the guy clearly has a strange hatred for Leonardo DiCaprio.

The right-wing politician has won numerous critics since taking office in January, mainly from environmentalists. (American Museum of Natural History of New York canceled a rent from your space from a group that plans to honor him in April last year.) noticeable peak in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest since the beginning of his presidency and the weakened environmental protections his government has adopted. Bolsonaro says that environmental groups hamper economic development and exaggerate problems. When a government scientist showed you data, that scientist got fired.

In August, Bolsonaro followed the unusual path of blaming non-governmental organizations for secretly chasing a series of wildfires. It would be a hellish story, if true, but he offered no evidence to support this claim.

On Friday, he brought the fight to Hollywood. In making comments at the presidential residence in Brasilia, he suggested DiCaprio was secretly funding these groups to wreak havoc on the environment. “This Leonardo DiCaprio is a nice guy, right? Giving money to burn down the Amazon, ”he said.

The plot at the Initiation level is that DiCaprio gave money to groups, which mobilized volunteer firefighters to start fires, captured images for social media, and then raised money from it. While four firefighters were arrested and released last week in Brazil, there is no evidence for Bolsonaro's allegations and especially no evidence for a DiCaprio connection.

DiCaprio, whose environmental activism dates back to more than 20 years, led to your Instagram page to defend itself. He denied any connection with the groups Bolsonaro implicated and also took the step of calling these groups "worthy of support."

DiCaprio's social media channel, which has over 38 million followers, is used almost exclusively to plan and signal other activists, with the casual “Hey, I have a new movie this Friday.” If you worked with Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Quentin Tarantino and could count on 38 million people, so would you.

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