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Kids See Ghosts – Album Review

by Ace Damon
Kids See Ghosts - Album Review

It’s time for a review of the new self-titled project from Kanye West and Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts. Thus far it has been a very busy summer for producer, songwriter, singer, rapper Kanye West.

Releasing several mini albums within weeks of one another the first of which, while not under his own name did feature his influence and production from front to back. Of course, I am talking about Pusha T’s Daytona, a 7 track album that just breached 20 minutes in length; all killer no filler.

Then following that was Kanye West’s new album, “Ye” Also 7 tracks, also just over 20 minutes. Equally to the point, though, not as aggressive and finely tuned as Daytona, “Ye” was also noticeably less extravagant and wildly experimental than Kanye’s past several albums.

To me, this record felt like Kanye going through an ego withdrawal and showing the suicidal and self-destructive lows that fuel his god complex highs, which brings me to the third installment of Kanye related releases this summer: Kids See Ghosts.

Kids See Ghosts - Album Review

I had an inkling that this album wouldn’t sound too much unlike the Ghost Town track off of Ye’s latest album because it features Kid Cudi, “Kids See Ghosts”, “Ghost Town”, and there’s also a song on this record titled, “Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)” so there’s clearly some kind of linkage going on here.

So, I kind of got to wondering will Kids See Ghosts be aesthetically similar to that Ghost Town track?

Will we see a similar fusion of hip-hop and guitar music, maybe even hip-hop and rock not too much unlike Kid Cudi’s WZRD project, which, I don’t know, worries me because I didn’t like that album too much.

Also, I was so skeptical going into this thing because a lot of Kid Cudi solo material has been painfully mediocre since Man on the Moon 2. And even though I’ve enjoyed Ye’s recent releases, he’s in such a state of volatility right now.

Who knows if he can keep this quality up also didn’t Kid Cudi and Kanye like have a bit of a rocky Friendship thing lately that could affect this project too.

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So I did have reasons to be skeptical going into this album, but this record is amazing. It’s just as brief as everything else Ye has touched so far this year at 23 minutes and 7 tracks, but it flows fantastically in its short run-time feeling like a full complete album to the point where kids see ghosts actually feels longer than it is.

It also sounds completely unlike anything. Kanye has dropped so far this year. Really dropped ever and sure while as I predicted there are elements of hip-hop and rock being fused on this thing.

There’s even a neo psychedelia edge on this album, too. I catch whiffs of some Flaming Lips here and there, some Yoshimi soft bulletin Embryonic and even the terror some shots of hard rock and pop and R&B and even grunge get worked into this thing, too occasionally on this record.

There are some flashes of classic Kanye but there are plenty of moments here too where he is as out there as ever especially with some of the eclectic sample choices one of which is a 1930s Christmas song, another one being a Kurt Cobain sample, typically on this thing Kanye comes off really manic wild out of control, Cudi being really forlorn dejected.

It’s sort of like they’re both taking the emotional and mental problems that they are known for, putting out there in their music.

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Short but epic experimental hip-hop opus and in a huge contrast from Kanye’s Ye record the production on this thing the verses nearly everything is so meticulously assembled like the rawness the lo-fi Production, the feeling of lightning in a bottle, the feeling that things on the record were just kind of cobbled together.

That does not carry over on a kid see ghosts at all. I definitely get the sense that the songs on this thing were worked on for a very long time.

The music and the emotions on this thing are on the edge in every way imaginable for me this thing was mind-blowing on impact and Instantaneously catchy.

Like he is so on pitch It’s scary sometimes. I think the shakiest vocal moment for him on this thing is some of the moanings at the start of the track reborn.

The song free is one of my favorites on here.

I mean almost every song on this thing is a favorite of mine. It’s this crazy hard rock-rap fusion. That’s just Kanye and Cuddy go absolutely insane on this fantastic extension of some of the themes.

I mean in the grander scheme of things, I feel like this album is very much tied to Ye’s recent release but the track listing on this thing is so watertight. Well, I liked it a lot.


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