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Jury Consultants, Twitter Dragnets, and Gigi Hadid: Inside the Surreal Search…

by Ace Damon
Jury Consultants, Twitter Dragnets, and Gigi Hadid: Inside the Surreal Search...

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Twelve jurors took an oath at Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault trial on Friday, ending a lawsuit that saw two sets of lawyers and a judge examine more than 600 New Yorkers to reach a jury of seven men, five women and three alternate members. Sometimes, in the past two weeks, Judge James Burke described the selection as "laborious", "time consuming" and "devouring potential jurors". In other words, it was a vigorous hunt for what I assume. are the last 15 people on the planet who have not yet decided on Harvey Weinstein.

On the first day of voir dire, Thursday, Weinstein arrived at Burke's courthouse in Manhattan with four defense lawyers, who were seated beside two prosecutors. Twenty people went up to the jury to be questioned by the two groups of lawyers, while 120 prospective jurors watched. Weinstein also watched, and at one point he seemed to doze off. (To be fair, defense attorney Damon Cheronis had just asked, "Does anyone watch Law & Order?"). The selection of the jury for this trial was sometimes surreal, as when supermodel Gigi Hadid introduced herself to the jury and ended up at the Weinstein trial. on Monday . (She was fired Thursday.) And it was personal. Some women discussed their own experiences with sexual violence. In a screening session, when Burke announced Weinstein's name, a woman exclaimed "Oh, shit!"

The jury selection also introduced a new member to Weinstein's legal committee: the jury consultant Renato Stabile, a lawyer who works at Research and consultancy in Dubin. The New York firm assisted in the 2012 defense of student Rutgers Dharun Ravi, who pleaded guilty attempted invasion of privacy and the 2005 defense of the founders of Murder Inc. Records Chris and Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo, to whom a federal jury acquitted money laundering. Weinstein already had six lawyers from three law firms in two time zones when Stabile arrived. The ex-tycoon's lawyers were already flooding deputy prosecutors Joan Illuzzi-Orbon and Meghan Hast with paperwork. ("If I could make them stop, I would," Burke told Illuzzi-Orbon when prosecutors were late in responding to defense motions.) They are a team of two women and the New York public prosecutor. does not hire jury consultants, said a department spokesman.

Jury consultants can provide an advantage during an intense job selection process like Weinstein's, which requires lawyers to review questionnaires from hundreds of jurors. In the internet age, they also make cyber attacks. "I can type in your name now and get a full report on you in 20 seconds," said Eric Rudich, a partner at Blueprint Trial Consulting, during a telephone interview. "For all possible jurors, we have everything: where they live, the value of the house, political affiliation, sometimes things they bought." who apparently tweeted about using his jury seat to promote his novel. The judge said the tweet, which has since been deleted, was meant to be funny. On Thursday, Judge James Burke fired the juror– and threatened an accusation of contempt.

When I told another jury consultant, Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, about Weinstein's new hire, she burst out laughing. Not because of Stabile's representative – just for Weinstein's time. "It is certainly my experience in any outstanding case (that) we are retained by the client long before a trial," said Dimitrius, who worked on the criminal trial that absolved OJ Simpson of murder and a civil case that ended in an eight-digit award Francis Ford Coppola. Really wealthy clients who really want to win jury consultants to run mock trials, focus test witnesses and research public opinions long before the selection starts. (Rudich also brought that up. Again, advising people to seek an appointment is part of a consultant's job, isn't it?) Hiring a jury consultant is still an advantage, she acknowledged. But the prosecution also has advantages, like, she said, “Mr. Weinstein being, shall we call him, an unattractive defendant?

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