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John Bolton Gives Trump a Taste of the Impeachment Pain to Come

by Ace Damon
John Bolton Gives Trump a Taste of the Impeachment Pain to Come

If there's one person whose name is probably chilling Donald Trump's spine right now, it's his former mustached national security consultant John Bolton. Although Bolton has not yet testified before the House, it appears that if and when he does, he will have a wealth of enlightening information to share with lawmakers as part of his investigation into Trump's attempt to extort Ukraine, as the former – Counselor apparently knows where all bodies are buried and noted. Last month we learned that Bolton told an aide to inform the White House deputy adviser that he did not want to be part of "any drug deal [EU ambassador, Gordon] Sondland and [interim White House chief Mick] Mulvaney ":" cooking ", and in a re teaser: what could he share about that drug business, Bolton's lawyer said legislators that his client was "personally involved in many of the events, meetings, and conversations about which you have received testimony, as well as in many relevant meetings and conversations that have not been discussed in the testimonials so far." And just to keep things interesting, the former NSC advisor reportedly reported his former boss.

According to NBC News, Bolton used his appearance last Wednesday at Morgan Stanley's global investment event in Miami to to mock Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner suggest that Trump's approach to Turkey is "motivated by personal or financial interests," according to several commentators. While details are scarce, Bolton is supposed to have a low opinion of Trump's son-in-law on foreign policy issues, although he has literally no relevant experience. When it comes to Ivanka, maybe he shared his opinion about his first daughter's support for the former National Security Council adviser criminal Mike Flynn, or the way she and her husband obtained major security clearance. As for Trump, who have property in Turkey, putting your own interests above those of national security, well, it's not that hard to believe a guy whose only principle in life is "how does it benefit me?" would bring that perspective to the Oval Office.

The description was part of a broader picture Bolton outlined of a president who does not understand the interconnected nature of foreign policy relationships and the need for consistency, these people said.

While several people who attended the private speech told NBC News that they did not remember Bolton mentioning Ukraine, one could see how “this guy is all for himself” would apply not only to Turkey, but perhaps to a situation where someone was in a position to lean on an Eastern European country to investigate his political rival, hoping that he would help him by 2020. Bolton, who declined to comment, told attendees that he kept a resignation letter on his desk for three months, which may or may not have had to do with his anger: Ukraine's grim campaign, whether the testimonies of former advisors are something to be fulfilled.

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