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Jeff Sessions Is Running to Reclaim His Former Senate Seat

by Ace Damon
Jeff Sessions Is Running to Reclaim His Former Senate Seat

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A year after submitting his resignation as US Attorney General and withdrawing from the limelight, Jeff Sessions is preparing to enter the political circus once again. Several media outlets are reporting that Sessions intends to announce his candidacy for the US Senate in 2020, running for the four-year Alabama seat he previously holds and Senator Doug Jones currently holds. News of Sessions's likely candidacy, which he is due to formally announce Thursday, comes after months of speculation about former A.G.'s political future, as rumors were that Sessions was “seriously considering” a Senate nomination. "He wants to go back to the Senate," said a Republican official familiar with the Sessions plan. CNN.

Sessions have reached their decision in recent days, CNN reports, just shortly before the deadline for Friday in Alabama. The candidate candidate is now working on building a campaign team and getting support from members of the Alabama Congress, with CNN reporting that current Senator Richard Shelby intends to support him. "If he runs, I think he would be a formidable candidate," Shelby said reporters earlier this week, before Sessions's decision went public. The former senator will also launch his campaign with an initial fundraising advantage, as Sessions still has $ 2.5 million left in his campaign account.

Despite his Senate experience and increased fundraising, however, Sessions will have to face a crowded primary battle as Republicans scramble to determine who will challenge Jones in one of the Senate's most watched 2020 races. Sessions' main opponents currently include Rep. Bradley Byrne, Secretary of State John Merrill, State Rep. Arnold Mooney, former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville – and, most contentiously, former Judge Roy Moore, whose nomination. to the Senate against Jones in 2017 was overthrown by Jones. allegations of sexual misconduct involving underage girls. "He has been out of the swamp for less than two years and is now looking forward to returning," Tuberville said in a statement in response to Sessions' candidacy, which he said "is not a surprise." "He is another career politician that Alabama voters will reject. As Attorney General, he has failed the president at his most pressing point."

But Sessions' biggest rival in the election may not be one of his opponents, but President Donald Trump, who quickly soured Sessions after the then Attorney General refused to investigate Russia. Trump made no secret of his aversion to Sessions – or, as Trump supposedly nicknamed Magoo – chasing him hard enough insults and criticism to finally inspire the resignation of Sessions. "I would say that if I had a reappointment I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions as attorney general," Trump said in June at Meet the Press, describing session hiring as his "biggest mistake." The president does not appear to be attending the sessions while the politician prepares his possible return to Washington. NBC News reports that Sessions was expressly informed that Trump intends to campaign against him, and the Washington Post grades Trump even joked that he should go a step further, supposedly telling White House aides and senators that if Sessions is executed, Trump wants to go to Alabama and challenge Sessions in the primaries. "I think it would be very detrimental for Mr. Sessions to enter the race because the president will fight him so hard," main rival Byrne told CNN.


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