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Jeff Bezos – Amazon Stock Market Record For The Biggest Billionaire

by Ace Damon

Jeff Bezos is already the biggest billionaire in the world – and now it’s even more official.

Amazon hits another record in the stock market, raising the wealth of the entrepreneur.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had two reasons to celebrate this past Monday: the shares of the retail giant began this week hitting a record high, peaking at $ 1,841.95 – and a market value, worth say, of 890 billion dollars.

As a result, Bezos’ fortune is already well above the $ 150 billion mark – according to the Bloomberg billionaires index.

This means that in addition to consolidating the position of the richest man in the world – space he has occupied since last year – now he is also the richest man of recent times.

We explain: between these two landmarks, the difference is that one considers time spent in the equation. And how much time and money mix, of course, inflation must be taken into account.

Therefore, many experts did not consider Bezos the largest billionaire on the planet.

It so happens that the $ 100 billion so far recorded by businessman Bill Gates – second place on the list – was recorded in 1999. Correcting for inflation would mean an amount in the amount of $ 149 billion, hitherto above accumulated wealth by the head of the Amazon. A year later and see: the guy has already surpassed this value.

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The “mental trick” that helped Amazon CEO become a billionaire

As CNBC reminds us, Bezos still has one more goal to overcome: the one with the greatest wealth relative to the gross domestic product (a bit elitist, we know, but what more do you give to the man who has everything?).

The record is still maintained by the first US billionaire, John D. Rockefeller, whose money came to be worth 2% of the country’s GDP in the early 1990s. To achieve something like that today, Bezos would need a wealth in the house of the 350 billion dollars.

Jeff Bezos is already in control of an empire, capable of erecting a forest in the middle of Seattle, and a headquarters whose construction mobilizes a real gold rush among 20 North American prefectures – with some interesting developments. Alone, Amazon’s second “headquarters” can raise up to $ 5 billion dollars for public coffers and local businesses, and open 50,000 new jobs.

In addition, the company, whose toxic work environment was the subject of the New York Times, recently became embroiled in a controversy over failing to pay taxes after a tweet published by Donald Trump in March – which is not true, or at least not 100% true.

Jeff Bezos - Amazon Stock Market Record For The Biggest Billionaire

Jeff Bezos Ranks as the Richest American in Record Year for Billionaires

The CEO of Amazon surpasses for the first time the fortune of Bill Gates in the American territory but eats dust when the subject is the philanthropic effort.

Jeff Bezos is now officially the richest man in the US, notes the latest issue of Forbes’ list of the 400 wealthiest Americans on Wednesday. It is the first time in the history of the list that Bezos assumes the position of Bill Gates, ending the 24 that the entrepreneur remained at the top of the list: Amazon CEO has a wealth valued at $ 160 billion; the former Microsoft, on the other hand, now appears second with $ 63 billion.

Wait, are you feeling a certain deja vu?

Normal. Jeff Bezos had already surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world in July last year, but at the time the race was fiercer, and the somewhat volatile nature of these riches meant that, three months later, the value of Bezos had fallen from $ 90.6 billion to $ 81.5 billion, losing the leading position in time for the list of 400 richest Americans last year.

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Consider also that the value of Amazon grows fast, even to the point of having reached the first trillion in market share in September. As a result, Bezos’ wealth has also been the fastest growing this year – an increase of $ 78.5 billion that also puts the businessman as the first American to have a wealth greater than 100 billion dollars.

This year marks another record (happy or not): because of the good health of the stock market, America’s wealthiest group is 7% more moneyed than last year. The total amount grew by $ 2.9 trillion year-over-year, while each rich man averaged $ 500 million more, fortunately (from $ 6.7 billion to $ 7.2 billion this year).

New in the last edition in 2018 is a philanthropic ranking that lists each participant with grades 1 through 5. And in this sense, Jeff Bezos runs in the rear. Noted for being reticent about his socially impactful actions, the billionaire appears on a note 2 – possibly inflated by his recent contribution to pre-school education initiatives and a homelessness support program. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg all appear prominently in notes 5 and even a starlet – which rewards moviegoers.


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