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Is Bitcoin Back? Did The Winter End For Crypto-Currency?

by Ace Damon
Is Bitcoin Back Did The Winter End For Crypto-Currency

Is Bitcoin back? Did the winter end for the crypto-coins?

Crypto-Coins and Bitcoin were a hot topic in 2017.

However, last year was not exactly terrific for anyone who believes that Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency will dominate the world.

In recent days we have seen a slight recovery of Bitcoin, which in turn has also dragged the other crypto-coins to a safe haven.

Bitcoin grows back?

Bitcoin finally reached $5,000 after the end of 2017 was valued at $18,000.

A severely reduced value for what the “currency” has achieved, however, inspiring for those who believe that the crypto-currency may have a place in the sun.

The growth of Bitcoin boosted the other crypto-coins.

“Bitcoin once again showed its economic resilience and potential to get rid of the ‘moderately pessimistic’ tag some analysts put in early 2019.” – said David Futter, technological financier of the company Ashurst.

He went on to say “However, substantial volatility remains in the crypto-currency market in general.”

Careful words for those who think that this is the “H” time to invest all their savings in crypto-coins.

It is unclear what happened to the crypto-coins in the last few days, but it is believed that the excellent look of companies for crypto-coins and the growth of decentralized services is one of the causes.

One of the crypto-coins that most value this decentralization is the Ethereum that curiously also grew substantially.

With the growth of Bitcoin, the other crypto-coins seem to follow.

It is not known whether this will be the future of the world and our “money.”

We believe in blockchain and all that this entails.

I think that decentralizing information is the way forward and if the future goes to that side, users and companies will be safer than ever.



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