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Intel 5G Modem Maybe Only For 2020: Bad News For iPhone 5G

by Ace Damon
Intel 5G Modem Maybe Only For 2020 Bad News For iPhone 5G

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According to new information released by Reuters, the chip maker Intel will not launch a modem for smartphones 5G especially intended for smartphones earlier than 2020.

This information is not a rumor. It came directly from Intel and was delivered at an event that took place in California.

What does this mean? Bad news for Apple.

The late launch of Intel’s 5G Modem can influence Apple’s fate Apple uses Intel modems exclusively in the latest generation of iPhones – the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR.

If Apple intends to use an Intel modem on its eventual iPhone 5G, this means that we will not see this device until 2020.

This would put Apple at least a year behind Android concerning 5G smartphones.

If the iPhone 5G comes out in September next year – the month the new iPhones usually hit the market – it would be almost 18 months late.

That said, there are several ways Apple avoid this delay so great.

The most obvious is Apple does not use an Intel modem on your iPhone 5G.

However, since Qualcomm declined to provide chips for the latest generation of iPhones due to ongoing legal battles between the two companies, this does not leave Apple with many viable options.

They can be worrying times for the Apple giant. Can Apple create its modems?

There is also the possibility that Apple can design its 5G modem. However, this seems unlikely.

It’s just that the rumors that speak about this have only recently arisen. So Apple may take a long time to finish developing an internal modem.

An alliance with a competing Android brand? It’s a more complicated move.

Still, there might be a possibility that Apple might “team up” with some manufacturer to gain access to 5G modems in a faster way.

Of course, this is not something Apple likes very much. Still, when it comes to not losing the race, I think it’s worth everything.

What is certain is that within a few days the world will get to know various Android 5G smartphones. All this happens, of course, at the Mobile World Congress, which usually takes place in Barcelona.

By the middle of this year, almost all major manufacturers will have released or unveiled their 5G smartphone.

Before we finish, Intel clarified that it would have commercial-grade 5G products deployed before the end of this year, but no consumer-level products.



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