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Instagram is testing functionality to create "Group Stories"!

by Ace Damon
Instagram is testing functionality to create "Group Stories"!

Facebook had this feature available for a while, but eventually 'dropped' the idea. Apparently they didn't do it because it didn't work, but possibly because they wanted it to be exclusive to Instagram.

Once again, thanks to the inevitable Jane Wong, we learned that Instagram is already conducting internal testing for the implementation of "Group Stories."

How do group stories work?

This new feature will not allow you to create stories together with your friends on Instagram. Instead, it will allow you to create a private group of friends where you will be able to share unique Stories without having to share with all the users who follow you.

Group Stories can be very useful, especially when you do some kind of event / activity with a group of friends and want a private and convenient place to share all the photos and videos.

Instagram continues to develop new features at breakneck pace

Although it belongs to Facebook, Instagram is clearly the main focus point of Mark Zuckerberg's company, receiving new features much faster than Facebook.

Over the past few months there have been many new features implemented on Instagram, and many more that have been put to the test phase.

However, as you always point out when you discover a new feature, Jane Wong warns that the implementation of this feature is not yet guaranteed. These tests are done internally so that the Instagram team can improve their development.

There is no way to guarantee that they will eventually make "Group Stories" available globally to all users. Still, since this was a popular feature on Facebook, it seems almost certain that it will happen. They will probably be conducting these tests just to make sure there are no bugs when it is officially released.

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