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In a new phase, Xuxa encourages lifestyle changes

by Ace Damon
In a new phase, Xuxa encourages lifestyle changes

World record holder and twice Olympic medalist Fernando Scherer talks about meditation, healthy eating and how to overcome depression

In new phase, former swimmer Xuxa encourages lifestyle changes

Fernando Scherer tamed the ego of Xuxa. A life dedicated to practice, competition and victory shapes a champion, but leaves emotional sequels.

"When I stopped swimming I did not know who Fernando was. I knew Xuxa, but I did not know who I was," said the swimmer, while participating in the launch of the new identity of the 5S program, multidisciplinary method for body changes, held in Sao Paulo .

“I was at the extreme, the champion and the depression,” he said. Today, Fernando lives a ruled routine that, guarantees, gives you much pleasure and happiness. He values ​​quality sleep, meditation and a diet free from sugar and refined carbohydrates. Train every day, between bodybuilding, aerobics and yoga. And fasting a lot.

"Whenever I went to my mother's house, I had to fool her, because she wanted me to eat everything I did. I often said I had lunch with friends," she amuses. Changing his life was a process that took him deep into the emotional pit.

Fernando began to study human behavior through neuroscience and undertook different trainings that enabled him as a coach and speaker. And he speaks knowingly about self-respect, self-esteem, excessive vanity, and self-love. "When I see the champion ego appearing, I isolate myself, I don't let it dominate. Who loves, doesn't judge. Who loves, respects himself."

Fight against obesity

The basis of adopting a new lifestyle necessarily goes through this process of self-acceptance. This also happened to Edivana Poltronieri, who created the 5S method. A physical therapist, she has turned her personal weight loss experience into business.

She lost 24 pounds in three months and sought to scientifically confirm the effectiveness of her method. In partnership with cardiologist Túlio Sperb, he even published in RBone, Brazilian Journal of Obesity, Nutrition and Weight Loss, a scientific article that attests to the results.

"It's not about losing weight, it's about making a living. We have our focus on fighting obesity, but it's not just about eating right. There is behavioral support," explains Edivana. The method is applied by over 200 clinics in Brazil, reaching 40,000 patients.

Soon, in addition to a specific application for tracking, the 5S will have a specific social network for those who go through the process. "When they reach the goals, people miss contact with other participants. The 5S club will meet this social demand," he explains.



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